1km dating site – Create 1km Account Online – 1kilometer App Login – Download 1km Mobile App for Android

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1km dating site – Create 1km Account Online – 1kilometer App Login – Download 1km Mobile App for Android – Create 1km account to discover friends and neighbors that will love to chat and mingle with you at no extra demands. It’s just a world of fun. Catch fun and adventure, discover things that make you happy and find the prince charming that will make your whole stay memorable.


1km is a mobile discovery platform that is primarily disclosed for fetching real love, building relationships, and killing boredom. You are bound to fun living each time the sun rises. We feel happy to unveil this new method of finding real love and chatting with no limits when you create 1km account. Aspiring members cannot have access without 1km mobile app enclosed for Android and iOS devices.

So, this page has all it takes for you to get an account started in Ikm dating site. In as much as you don’t have the mobile app now, you will get it right away with this guide. Just download the app to login whenever you want, receive notifications, read messages without login, report certain changes in your account, check your match feed, and change your account details when you wish. See all the benefits in stock for new members.


Privileges for New Ikm Members

  1. Do you know that you can see people around you on your screen? The GPS location will help you to discover the people closes and farther from you.
  2. On the other hand, there are tons of clubs that are categorized according to people’s hobbies. You can join either of them to spark your day more.
  3. Share contents so as to share your mind with members and also hear what they have to say.
  4. View profile pictures to discover your friend’s new looks and body improvements. Maybe the new look might attract you.
  5. Do you want to chat now? Get closer to your favorite user by starting a quality conversation with 1km app.
  6. Check the new recommendations and new look with proper login.

These are the few features that you will make use of after an account is registered. To create 1km account, you will download 1km app first. Few hours to go! Let’s download the mobile app first.


Download 1km Mobile App for Android

Download 1km mobile app for android versions so as to get an account in 1km started with the measures about to be mentioned below. So, download 1km app for free when you go to:

  • Google Play store through your mobile phone.
  • The application store will unlock.
  • The next thing to do is to enter your search on the search column.
  • That is, enter “1km app” to the search box so that the dating app will appear.
  • Go to the “Install” button and hit finally.
  • Get this app downloaded and installed instantly.
  • Launch it to either login or start an account by tapping on the sign up icon.

Create 1km Account Online


We cannot start a 1km account registration online but with the mobile app. If you don’t have 1km mobile app, you cannot access it online. That’s the reason for getting the app first with the measures shown in the section above. So,

  • Open 1km app which we just downloaded now
  • Go to the “Sign up” button and tap because the login button will be the first thing to appear.
  • Create a catchy username because this name will be publicized for your friends to easily identify you.
  • Upload a profile picture after account creation just to spice your profile.
  • You can add a bio data if you want.
  • More so, ensure that a unique password that cannot be easily compromised is created.
  • Submit the registration form with the Sign up button after you have accepted their terms and conditions.
  • Congratulations! You have created 1km account with these steps. Test-run your account when you finally get your account logged in.

1kilometer App Login

1km app will help you to move into your account faster and also get notifications when a message gets in or is deleted. Notifications of new matches and security alerts will arrive with a 1km app. Test-run your account with the login which you will do occasionally with 1km app.

So, login with your username and password provided that they are registered to your 1km account on the day of registration.

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