50 Funniest Hustle OOO!!! Proverbs (Trends) That Will Leave You Laughing All Day Long

Hustle ooo!!! Is one very popular trend in Nigeria and Africa which is very funny but if you look through them, they can be very inspiring. In Africa, we have a lot of hard-working youths and the word “Hustle” has become a cliché and a way of telling people they need to work hard and thrive to achieve success in their personal endeavors.


Now, hustle ooo is a very funny trend of statements which tells people to sit up to avoid certain consequences. Below is a list of them:

  • Hustle o, mk Shoprite no be like USA for ur pikin eye
  • My brother Hustle o, so you no go fit dy wear Adieu paper polo go club
  • Hustle o, mk your charger no fess u blow
  • Hustle oo make u no come dey shout food neva reach me for burial or wedding
  • Hustle o, mk your neighbours no contribute Nepa bill money give you go pay
  • Hustle o Mey dem no use tinted glass carry your babe pass you
  • Hustle o, make them no use sticker hide your face for selfie
  • Hustle o, make EFCC no come carry your neighbour leave you o..
  • Hustle ooo make yr child nr go vomit garri fr class
  • Hustle O, make you no go dey shout HUSTLE
  • Hustle o, make them no use alphabet represent your full name
  • Hustle o, make EFCC no come carry your neighbour leave you o..
  • My dear hustle, make dem no use your slippers recognise you
  • Hustle oh make your soap no go flat like sim card
  • Hustle o,make dem no use car AC steal your girlfriend
  • Hustle o,make your daughter no dey post her account details on her WhatsApp status
  • Hustle oo, make dem no hiss before dem answer your call oo
  • Hustle o make bank charges nor spoil money weh you wan withdraw o
  • Hustle oh, make them no dey use your teeth as bottle opener for family meeting.
  • Hustle oo, mk you no turn regular visitor for party
  • Hustle o so they can stay awake till 12:00 Midnight and wish you Happy Birthday instead of sending, ‘Sorry it’s coming late’.
  • Hustle oo, make you no get reason to they drink pure water for street
  • hustlers ooo make you no carry bet9ja ticket when you dey 60 years
  • Hustle o make Airtel no dey tell you “Dear customer, you have used up 95% of your Monthly Data Bundle”
  • Hustle O, make them no tell you for party say, rice dey, but meat don finish…
  • Hustle ooooo so u no go come dey quote pesin weh dey talk Hustle oh
  • Abeg hustle jhoor, make them no turn you to official group photographer
  • Hustle o mke u no see enjoyment dey call am waste of money
  • Hustle o make girl nor blur you for picture weh una gather take o
  • Hustle o make small child nor see you,e go dey hide biscuit
  • Hustle oh, make you no come dey go from ATM to ATM dey find the one wey dey dispense 500 naira.
  • Hustle o!!! Make you no kon dey shout vanity upon vanity when you see people dey jolly.
  • Hustle oh, make your Iphone X no go dey get fingerprint for back
  • Hustle oh, so you no go de play 100naira, 30games to win 10million naira
  • Hustle oh, make your food no gree don, because you use PDP rice and APC groundnut oil cook am
  • My brother hustle oooo make SARS be your errand boy
  • Hustle o, Make you no carry charger for neck dy find where them on Gen
  • Hustle make one musician no use your babe for Audio pregnancy skit
  • Hustle oh, make your village people no use you as case study
  • My brother hustle o, make your own AirPod no go dey blink blue and red light.
  • Hustle oh make you no become motivational speaker at the wrong occasion
  • Hustle o, so that at the family gathering you will not be asked to pack the chairs
  • Hustle o! May dem no use the picture wey you take yesterday do throwback
  • Sister hustle oo, make another girl no carry your boo through ” all bills on me”
  • Hustle o, make conductor no tell you say make you go find change come
  • Hustle oh, make your pikin no go turn instagram beggar
  • Hustle o make dem no tell you say “as i sight that shirt i don know say na you”
  • Hustle oh, make “bros good morning” no turn to “guy how far”
  • Hustle oh, make you no go de carry babe go your guy house
  • Hustle oh, make your babe no go call you her brother for sugar daddy front

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