8 Ball Pool Game Playing On Facebook Online – Facebook 8 Ball Play

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FB 8 Ball Pool game playing on Facebook is one of the hottest games on Facebook community which users are playing.  It is a lot fun playing this game. So if you are looking for game to play during leisure for entertainment, then here is the game. Whether you are new, you can master this game in no time and become an expert and even beat other players out.

Download this game at the end of this article this 8 ball pool game, and thus the essence of this post, to enable you have this game and enjoy its fun to the full.


About Facebook 8 Ball Pool Game Playing

8 Ball Pool is a snooker game played on Facebook. In this game, you see the characteristics of a snooker game which includes:
⦁ A rectangular table
⦁ Six holes at the sides of the table
⦁ Fifteen balls

The game rules are the same as that of your normal snooker game but just for clarity, I will explain.

In this game, you have a cue ball which you use in potting 8 balls into the holes on your rectangular table for you to win. Your cue ball should never enter any on the pockets. The cue ball must always hit your ball before hitting your opponent’s ball.


Facebook 8 Ball Pool Hack

There are two things to have in mind if want to win the 8 Ball Pool Game and they are:
⦁ Level power of your shot
⦁ The positioning of your cue ball

The level power of your shot gives it the energy required to pot a ball. It is advisable that you apply high power for long-range shots but if the ball you want to hit is close to the hole (pocket) then, apply low power.
Your positioning of the cue ball before striking is very vital. You need to have mastery over it always. With good eye coordination, you can make a lot of successful hits.

Download here now – and share your experience with us using the comment section below.


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