Ads Manager Campaign – Facebook Advertising | How to Create an Ads Manager Campaign on Facebook

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What is an ads manager campaign? Do you know? The ads manager campaign here is in line with the Facebook ads manager platform. If you are an active user of the Facebook platform then you will be familiar with this. Well, you don’t just have to be familiar with the Facebook platform to be familiar with this Facebook tool. You need to be a marketer on the platform. This further means that you already make use of the Facebook platform for business purposes such as advertising and so much more. if you have no idea about this platform on Facebook and how it works, then here is your chance. Keep reading to find out more about it.



Ads Manager Campaign

I remember the first time a friend of mine found out about advertising on Facebook. I mean he was perplexed. He never knew that he too can advertise or use the platform for advertising purposes just like most users using the platform for business purposes. Well, he wasn’t cool about it, not until I told him about it and how it works. This tool on Facebook simply means creating ads via the Facebook ads manager platform. Facebook ads manager campaigns are ads or ad units on the platform. This is a must-use tool as an advertiser on the platform.


How to Create an Ads Manager Campaign

Creating an ads manager campaign is easy. All you need to do to successfully create an ad campaign on Facebook is to visit the main ads manager platform Here. On the ads manager platform, click on the ‘create tab’. When you click on this tab, you will need to set up an audience, budget, placements, and others. When creating ad campaigns on the Facebook ads platform, there are two workflows with which you can choose from. The guided creation option guides you through the steps in creating a campaign to completion. If you are new to Facebook ads, you need to choose this workflow. The second workflow to make use of is the quick creation workflow. This option is for advanced and skilled advertisers who are familiar with Facebook advertisements.

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