Affiliate Marketing on YouTube – Affiliate Marketing on YouTube 2021


Affiliate Marketing on YouTube is now a trend on this video-sharing social platform and you should not miss out on this amazing opportunity. And if you are already a YouTuber, then this is one amazing opportunity for you. So, let’s check out what this article entails for you.


If you are actually conversant with the YouTube platform, you should know that by the time you must have been done with this article, hundreds of hours of videos have been uploaded on this social platform. Giving it an overall count, about 6 billion hours of videos are viewed on this platform every month.


With this, Affiliate Marketing on YouTube has become a thing. What else? It is highly profitable for people who engage in it. The thing is, who are these people who engage in it? How can you begin with it? And is it really worth investing in this affiliate platform? Let’s find out.


YouTube Affiliate Marketing

YouTube affiliate marketing simply refers to the process of creating videos and adding affiliate links in the videos or video descriptions through the use of annotations. It is just as simple as it is. Just like you may want to write and publish a post on your blog with an affiliate link in it, it is also possible through the YouTube platform. You can add a link in the video description.

Are Affiliate Links Allowed on YouTube – Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

Of course, it is possible for you to post affiliate links on this social platform. However, it depends on how you are affiliated with. Some affiliate programs do not allow affiliate marketers to post their links on YouTube or other social networks. With this, it is best to use affiliate links to your personal website.


YouTube Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

With billions of people using YouTube, do you think you can actually attract people to visit your channel, watch your video, click on your affiliate link, or make a purchase? All these may sound so easy, right? By getting a few people to watch your videos and reminding them to purchase items they want, you can certainly have the lifestyle you have been dreaming of.

This video-sharing platform is a powerful tool for advertising, as it provides a way for you to connect with people and talk to them about services for use. So, if you already have a YouTube channel and want to engage in Affiliate Marketing on YouTube, then here’s what should help you out.

Reviews of Products and Services

If you purchased any product or used any service you love, then you can actually affiliate for it. However, this is advisable if the affiliate program gives you permission to do so. There are so many ways for you to do a review. From here, you can add the brand’s affiliate link and get your commission when people purchase these products too.


Tutorial (How to) Videos

Creating and sharing tutorial videos, which are also known as “how-to” videos is another way for your videos to get in front of an amazing number of audiences. Here, you can provide the necessary information for a product or service and how people get to use it.

Best of Videos

The videos are easy to create. All you have to do is make a list of the best services or whatever it is you want to promote. In the videos, give details on the products and services you are promoting.


Affiliate Marketing on YouTube 2021 – Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

How to begin affiliate marketing on this social platform? Then follow the steps below to begin.

Add the Affiliate Links to Your Videos

Here’s how to add the associated website to a video on your YouTube channel.

  • Sign in to your YouTube channel and go to the “Creator Studio”
  • Go to your Channel
  • Click on Status and Features
  • Select “Annotations”
  • Add your website and go through the verification you are prompted to

You may also need to add your website to the Google search console. Go to the “Advanced” option under Channel and add your website as an associated website.


Get the Affiliate Links

You will actually need to know the products and services that people love most. Once you have found out, you can actually apply for an affiliate program and get their links. They include Amazon Affiliates, ShareASale, CJ, and so much more.

Cloak Your Affiliate Links

This refers to pointing at people to a URL on your site but directs people to another site. You have to do this because the video annotations only allow the use of URLs for your associated website. With this, cloaking them allows you to direct them to the affiliate link.


Add the Affiliate Links to your YouTube Videos – Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

Edit the video and click on “Add Annotations”. Fill in the required details and time you want the annotation to appear. Add your cloaked links, apply changes, and watch the video while you test your link.

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