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What is backup OneDrive for business? Do you know what this is or means? OneDrive for business just as the name implies is a must-have feature or tool for businesses. If you are running a business with team members and associates, then this Microsoft tool is a must-have for you. It is very important if you hope to work better and faster. In this article I will be telling you what backup OneDrive for business is all about, its features and how you can get it.



Backup OneDrive For Business

Before I go any further n this article, I will first tell you what one drive is. Now, what is OneDrive? OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud service. This service lets you stay connected with all your files, store protected files, share your files with other people, and lastly give you access to them from wherever you are and from any device. You can either have a personal OneDrive account or you can sue it with a company you work with or your school and then it is called OneDrive for business.

With this tool you can easily keep in touch with other members of your team even when you are working from an isolated area or remotely. This tool is a very handy tool and it even comes handy in a time like this when the whole world is confined to their homes. With the OneDrive for business by Microsoft you can easily work with others and at the same time observing the social distancing order.


Difference Between OneDrive And OneDrive For Business – OneDrive Backup

Many people always mistake these two Microsoft tools. Well to cut right through the chase, OneDrive and OneDrive for business are the same but with slight differences. OneDrive is a personal storage tool. You get this Microsoft tool when you get or set up a Microsoft account. Personally you can use OneDrive to save files, documents, videos, photos, and others in the cloud. You can then in turn share these files and documents with your friends and also collaborate on them. Signing up for a Microsoft account gives you one terabyte of storage and other premium OneDrive features and tools.

OneDrive for business on the other hand is an online storage tool meant for work and school. Unlike the personal OneDrive that lets you manage your account, this very one is managed by your organization or your school. This tool lets you collaborate on files with your coworkers or classmates. These two tools as you can see are kind of the same but different. Unfortunately you cannot link both accounts but you can however move files between them. To do this;

  • Sync both OneDrive tools to your local computer or desktop.
  • Open both folders on your desktop. Next, drag or copy files from one folder to the next.
  • Lastly re-sync both folders with one drive.

That’s how you copy files from one folder to another on both Microsoft tools and products.


How To Get OneDrive For Business – OneDrive Business Login

Getting this Microsoft tool is very easy, but only if you know how to. To get the OneDrive for business tool, you will first need to sign in to Microsoft 365 or your SharePoint with your school or work. To sign in to your Microsoft account;

  • Go to Microsoft.
  • Enter your login details in the login page. And follow the on-screen instructions.

If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can create by clicking on the ‘create one’ tab. After setting up your Microsoft account follow the steps below;

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account or your SharePoint site.
  • At the top of the Microsoft 365 page, select the app launcher.
  • Select OneDrive.

That’s all on getting OneDrive.

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