Ban Someone on FB Page – How To Ban Someone from Your FB page | How to Unban Someone from Your FB page

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Do you this someone or a page that is commenting or posting irrelevant posts on your FB page? Actually, you can Ban Someone on FB Page. If the person bothers your page, instead of removing the person, the best option is to ban the person completely from the group. Of course, you must be an admin of the page to ban. Also, the account attached to the FB page must be logged in on any device type you’re using. Read on to find out more about how to Ban Someone on FB Page.



Ban Someone on FB Page

Ban Someone on FB Page is the process of disabling the person from commenting, liking or posting to your page. Pages are public spaces where different users like or even comment on, but if a person’s posts on your page are irrelevant. FB has given administrators the privilege of banning whoever they want from their page. Actually, it doesn’t matter the page you create on FB, the very last thing you would want is someone creating unnecessary trouble for others.

Ban Someone

Now it could be a customer or a rival that is spamming your page with rumors that are not true, making rude comments in your page threads. In any of the instances, you would wish to ban the person from your FB page to maintain a safe community for your fans or followers. Banning someone from your page means the won’t be able to interact with the page. As they can no longer comment, like, or make a post, but they can share your FB page content. If the page is actually made private, they won’t be able to find the page anymore.

You can ban someone from your page using a smartphone or computer. But make sure to log in to the account you have the page in.


Facebook App

The application designed for those using a smartphone. Facebook app is compatible with any device including iOS and Android devices. With the application, you can do the following;

  • Connect with your friends and loved ones.
  • Set your status updates and use stickers to express yourself better.
  • Share your vids, pictures, links, and also the moments you wish to keep forever.
  • Get push notifications.
  • Search for local events to attend around you.
  • Compete and play games with others on the platform.
  • Buy and sell using the marketplace app within.
  • Backup pictures by creating albums on your account.

There is so much more you can do with the app. Now, you know a little of what you can do with the app, go to your App Store and download it.


FB App Download

Being a free social platform, it can be downloaded for free also and on any device type. Open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and fill out FB on the search. A result list of similar apps would be shown, tap on the first one “Facebook” to load the information page. And then, to get it, tap on install or download. Immediately, it would be downloaded and then you have to log in to access your page and ban those you want.

Facebook Login

Of course, you can only have a page if you have an account. So that means if you have a page you wish to ban someone from. Then you have an account, it could be that it is logged out, but you can log in. Logging in to your account is simple, all you need is the login details. Then follow below;

  • Open the FB site or app and select “Login”.
  • Fill out the phone number or email ID and password of the account.
  • Then select “Login”.

The account will be loaded in the device. Then hover to the page you want to ban someone from.

How To Ban Someone from your FB page

Banning someone using the computer can be done using three methods. And two methods on mobile. The process is easy and can be done with the instructions that will be listed below;

Ban Someone on Computer;

From Page Settings;

  • Once you pe your page, click on Settings at the top.
  • Then select the “People and Other Pages” icon at the left column.
  • Search for the user or simply click to check the box next to the user’s name you wish to ban.
  • Then click on the settings icon > “Ban From Page”.
  • To confirm, click on “Confirm”.

Post on Your Page or a post that mentioned your page;

  • Click on “Posts” at the left column of the page.
  • Select “Visitor Posts” on the right side.
  • Click on the three dots icon at the top, then select “Ban From Page”.
  • Click on “Confirm” to commence.

From Page Inbox;

  • Select the “Inbox” button at the top
  • Click on the message on the left from the user you want to ban.
  • Click on the three dots at the top and then hit on “Ban From Page”.
  • Select “Confirm” to commence.

On Mobile;

From the People who like the Page;

  • Open your page and tap on “Settings”.
  • Then tap on “People and Other Pages” and “People Who Like This Page”.
  • Tap on “Ban” next to the user you’d like a ban.
  • And tap on “OK”.

Rom their posts on the Page;

  • Visit your page and tap on “Posts” and then “Visitor Posts”.
  • Tap on “Ban From Page”.
  • Finally, tap on “Confirm” to commence.

The user would be banned from your page and won’t be able to interact with it again unless you unban them.


How to Unban Someone from your FB page

Follow below to unban someone on your page;

  • Open your page and tap on the “Setting” icon.
  • Then “People and Other Page” and then tap on “Banned People and Pages”.
  • Tap on “Unban” next to the user’s name.

The above is how you unban someone from your page on the mobile app.

Unban someone using Computer;

From Page Settings;

  • Click on Settings at the top and then “People and Other Pages” in the left column.
  • Then click on “People Who Like This Page” dropdown arrow. And select “Banned People and Pages”.
  • Click in order to check the box next to the user you want to unban.
  • Select the three dots icon in the top and click on “Remove ban from Page”.
  • Click on “Confirm” to commence the process.

From Page Inbox;

  • Click on your page inbox at the top.
  • Then select a message on the left form the user you wish to unban.
  • Click on the three-dot in the top right and select “Remove ban from Page”.
  • Then, finally, click on “Confirm”. To be done.

Once you unban a user on from your page they will be able to comment, like or post to the page again.

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