Best Ways To Send Money Online – How To Transfer Money Online


Best Ways To Send Money Online – A lot of time we want to settle old debts or simply send money to a friend or someone else, but we face the problem of time and such inconvenience of going to the bank or making use of the ATM machines. Many time it’s usually not convenient, even to write and issue cheque.

But a lot of thanks to modern technology, which has made so many things easier for us, convenient and even safe. With these technologies, it is now easier to solve the problem of sending and receiving money across.

In fact, sending money domestically to a friend, family member or to anyone else can be as easy as just tapping on few buttons. A lot of websites and their associated apps now help us with the work of sending and receiving money. Most of them require just your email address and or phone number.


While there are plenty of these websites and their apps, the following five are most popular, the fastest, the safest and most streamlined. And we are going to look into them right below;


Best Ways To Send Money Online

Below are list of different ways to transfer to friends, family member or anyone else online. If you ever want to send money via online consider the following best ways to send money online;

1. PayPal

The first in our list of the best ways to send money online is PayPal. There are so many benefits to enjoy once you create a PayPal account and that includes sending and receiving money, shopping from millions of sites from all around the globe. PayPal service offers a digital wallet which lets users to add credit, debit and bank accounts so they can decide how to pay. The service of paypal also comes with global purchase protection, so that PayPal can help you get your money back if you are not happy with your purchase or service. Once you have create a PayPal account, all you will need is your PayPal email account or phone number to send money to anywhere.


2. Google Wallet

Google offers plenty of services and that includes the services of sending and receiving money. Google wallet is a fast way to send money to anyone by just using an email address or phone number. You can also receive money directly into your bank account by setting a default payment method and the money will automatically be sent over without you having to deal with physical cashing. Interestingly, the recipient doesn’t even need to have the Wallet app to receive the money. With the Google wallet app, it is possible for one to split a bill, pay for a group gift, or pay for a shared vacation. And requesting money with Google Wallet is an easy way to keep track of who is yet to settle you or pay you back money.

3. Venmo

Venmo makes it in the list of the best ways to send money online; It is one safe way to send money to a friend, family member or anyone. Simply create a Venmo account using your email address or using Facebook account and you are good to go. You can make payment to anyone using the money you have in Venmo or linking a debit card or your bank account. While sending money with Venmo, you can attach a message or just say hello to your recipient or contact. This is made possible with Venmo activity feed. With Venmo you can also transfer money to your bank account without any hassle. You can use Venmo app to make payments for purchase you make in mobile apps, but it is important to note, if you use a credit card, you’ll be charged a 3 percent fee.


4. Chase Quick Pay

Sending and receiving money is free, and sending just requires a phone number or an email address. Getting your money is fast, and usually takes just a few minutes, and if you’re a Chase customer, your money is available instantly. If you’re not a Chase customer, it usually takes a little longer, but not much.

5. Square Cash

Square is another safe payment company for sending and receiving money online. Usually, the app links up with your credit or debit card. And while all transfers made with a debit card are free, Square charges 3 percent fee when you use a credit just like Venmo.

The company offers a free cash card that allows you to spend money anywhere. It’s a Visa debit card that you have customized with laser-etching.

One thing with Square Cash is the added in-app wallet which holds money you have received, such that there is a delay to when you cash out. In some cases, it is one business day, but if you receive money on Friday or over the weekend, there will be a longer delay. Although you can get money cashed out instantly for a 1 percent fee.


Best Ways To Send Money Online – How To Transfer Money Online

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