Buy Bitcoins with Payoneer – Payoneer Account | How to Buy Bitcoins with Payoneer

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Do you know how to buy bitcoins with Payoneer? Buying bitcoins with Payoneer can be a very easy task but only if you know how to. On the other hand, it can also be a very difficult task. Payoneer as you already know by now is a company that provides financial services based in New York and founded in the year 2005. This platform makes online payments look simple and easy in the United States and around the world. This platform is available in over 200 countries globally and has over 4 million users worldwide. This platform is one of the leading and most reliable financial platforms in terms of online transactions.



Buy Bitcoins with Payoneer

Buying bitcoins online is something has not been easy. Like seriously due to some factors in place, it hasn’t been easy at all. For one, there is the case of security to look out for amongst other things. But do you know that there are other safer ways to buy bitcoins online now without being scammed? Yes, there are secured ways and platforms to do this and this is where the Payoneer platform comes in. Payoneer being an international platform that facilitates financial transactions is the ideal platform to process your Bitcoins purchase. Know this Payoneer does not sell bitcoins, but you can only facilitate the purchase of Bitcoins via the Payoneer platform.


How to Buy Bitcoins with Payoneer

You can easily do this. But before you do this, you need to have a registered and active Payoneer account. Once this is in place you can now continue to buy Bitcoins. You also need to choose a platform with which you can purchase Bitcoins. The best platform to purchase Bitcoins with is the Paxful platform. On this platform you will see users that want to sell Bitcoins. To then purchase Bitcoins, select a bitcoin seller and choose Payoneer as a payment option.

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