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Do you know what classic Facebook is? For you to know what this is if you don’t know you will need to first look at the term as two separate words. And the words are classic and Facebook. Classic as used in this article simply means something old. Well not just old but old with quality, if you know what I mean. And Facebook, as you all know, is one of the best social media platforms in the world. But you might still be wondering what this means. You are in safe hands and therefore have nothing to worry about as this article is all about classic Facebook and what it means.



Classic Facebook

Classic Facebook simply means the old version of Facebook. A few months ago, Facebook updated the platform and look giving it a new look. Many users know about this while a huge chunk of the Facebook community does not know about it. This has led me to come up with this article. With the introduction of a new look on Facebook, the look which it used to have and the look which users are used to, became classic and not obsolete, if you know what I mean.

Well, this new look on Facebook is still in its testing phase and it has so far gotten a mixed reaction from those who have had an experience with it. Some users think that this new Facebook is too slow and complex. However, there are some users who have had experience with this new Facebook look and have fallen in love with it. Personally I don’t really feel this new look on the platform and have therefore fallen back to the classic Facebook which I love and am used to. Hopefully, they will fix the issues with the new Facebook and make it enjoyable like the classic Facebook.

Advantages Of The Classic Facebook

It’s not that the new Facebook is that bad. No, do not get me wrong. The new Facebook platform is really cool with the dark mode feature and all. It’s just that the new Facebook is still in its testing phase and therefore have some ticks about it. Personally I have made use of it and I think that it is slow among a few other things. And since it is still new you have to look around the platform to know your way around. With the classic or old Facebook, this is not so. The platform has an easy-to-understand interface. Anybody can make use of it. You can locate things and tabs without having to lose your way. The list just goes on and on. The new Facebook is a work in progress and it will definitely take some time to get used to it.


How To Switch Back To The Classic Facebook

When the new Facebook was introduced, some Facebook users were notified immediately while some were not. When some users got this message by Facebook, they quickly activated the new Facebook. With time, they got bored, tired and fed up with the shortcomings of the platform as a whole. But due to the situation surrounding how they activated it in the first place, they are having issues with switching back. Some Facebook users don’t even know that they can make the switch. In this chapter of this article, I will be telling you of the steps on how you can switch back to the old one. To switch back to classic Facebook,

  • Go to Facebook and login to your Facebook account.
  • On your Facebook account page, click on the drop-down arrow icon.
  • From the menu, select switch back to classic Facebook.

That’s it! You have just successfully made the switch from the new Facebook to the classic one. You can give your feedback or report a problem regarding the new Facebook if there is one. To do this, click on help and support and then report a problem.


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