Create a New Profile on Facebook – Facebook App Update | Create a New Account on Facebook | How to Download Facebook App

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Create a New Profile on Facebook if you want to be a Facebook user. If you are yet to have a Facebook profile, then I don’t know what you’re still waiting for before getting one. Creating a new profile on Facebook is free and also simple. You can create a profile using the mobile application or website. If you’ve been wanting to create a profile on the platform but don’t know how to, just pay attention and read on.



Create a New Profile on Facebook

Create a New Profile on Facebook simply means signing up for a new account on the platform. The process is simple, fast, and also free. Creating a new profile on Facebook allows you to use the platform as you want. Facebook is a great marketing tool, enables you to bring your business online once you create an account.

Facebook is a platform for connecting, sharing, and communicating with loved ones. You can as well make meet new friends from across the globe. You can rally through groups for buying and selling or simply use the Marketplace app for buying and selling locally. There’s so much you can on Facebook once you create an account. As I said, you can make use of the app, so now let’s discuss briefly on the app.

Facebook App Update

Keeping up with friends has never been easy with the Facebook app. Below are the features of the Facebook app;

  • Connect and keep in touch with friends and family and also meet new friends.
  • Set status updates and make use of Facebook emojis.
  • Share your pictures, video clips, and also the memories you would like to keep forever.
  • Push notifications on likes, comments, friend requests, etc.
  • Find local events in your area to attend.
  • Look up brands and businesses.
  • Watch Live videos on a go.
  • Buy and sell using the Facebook marketplace locally.
  • Backup your images by saving and storing on Facebook using Albums.
  • Play games with the friends you have on Facebook.

There is so much more you can do with the Facebook app. Now, all you have to do is to download it.


How to Download Facebook App

Facebook is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices. Also, it is free to download just as signing up for an account is free. You can download the app by following the simple steps below;

  • Open the App Store you have right on your device and enter Facebook.
  • A list of related apps to the keyword you’ve searched would be shown, tap on the first one to load its information page.
  • Immediately the download information is loaded, tap on “Install” or “Download”.

The app would be downloaded immediately into the device. To enjoy the features on the app, you need to create a new profile on Facebook or sign in if you already have an account.

Create a New Account on Facebook

Creating an account is simple and free. It involves two methods; mobile number or email address. You can make use of your desktop or smartphone. And will be giving you the steps on creating with the app or computer. Follow the procedures below;

Create New Profile on Computer;

  • Open your browser and visit the platform’s official site at
  • Once the site is loaded, the signup form will be shown.
  • Type in the name you use every day (first and last name), phone number or email, [password, birthday, and gender.
  • Click on “Sign Up”

The account will be created but the process will only be complete once you confirm it. You would need to confirm the email or phone number. A link will be emailed to you or code will be sent to the number.


Create Profile on Mobile;

  • Open the app and tap on “Create New Account”.
  • Select Get started and follow the on-screen instructions that would be shown.
  • Type in your first name and last, date of birth, and also gender.
  • Provide your phone number or use an email address.
  • Create a password you can use for logging in.
  • Then, last but not the least, tap on “Sign Up”.

The account will be created, but you will be prompted to confirm the account. A confirmation mail or code will be sent to you. Input the code or click on the link attached to the email.


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