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Have you heard of the Crowd1 App? The world is changing faster than ever before, established truths are no longer absolute. Company structures change. People change the way they talk, privately and in business. Globalization is no longer the word among politicians; it is the way people interact.


Crowd1 Network Ltd has focused on this paradigm shift in business. Crowd1 is a systematic approach towards a modern business where the number of people is equally valuable than the number of Euros and Dollars.


Table of Content 

  • Crowd1 App
  • Crowd1 App Features
  • How to Participate In Profit Sharing in Crowd1
  • Crowd1 App Bonus

Crowd1 App

This is a business app set with features making it easier for you to build your dream business. Downloading the app will get you to push notifications on payouts, important news and new signups in your organization.


The members of Crowd1 will have to access the best education opportunities on the topic and they will be part of a large group of people who will be presented with different Crowdfunding opportunities, managed by the best and regulated Crowdfunding companies.

Crowd1 will be one of the largest crowds of people interested in crowdfunding. From all over the world people gather in Crowd1 to learn from the best what crowdfunding is and to be in the right place when opportunity knocks and good crowdfunding projects are presented.


Crowd1 App Features

The Crowd1 app has so many nice features you would like if you download and register for Crowd1 App. Below is a list of features you stand to gain when you register:

  • It helps you build your dream business.
  • Installing the app you get the chance to win €500 each week.
  • It helps in real value through building blocks
  • It helps in real estate investment.
  • Members have access to the best education opportunities.
  • It helps in the wire transfer.
  • You can withdraw your funds to your BTC Wallet.
  • It enables a residual income for millions of people.
  • It enables your own gaming company.

How to Participate In Profit Sharing in Crowd1

Purchasing one the educational packs, and each pack comes loaded with free Owners Rights, the Owners Rights gives you access to a residual income/profit sharing:

  • White Pack €99 = R1800
  • Black Pack €299 = R5500
  • Gold Pack €799 = R14500
  • Titanium Pack €2,499 = R430

NOTE: White, Black, Gold, and Titanium come with €100, €300, €1000, €3500 worth of Owner Rights, respectively.


Crowd1 App Bonus

This is the list of Crowd1 App bonuses you will enjoy when you register.

  • Streamline Bonus.
  • Binary Bonus.
  • Matching Bonus.
  • Fear Of loss Bonus.

Streamline Bonus 

The streamline bonus is the bonus you will earn just by joining.

Binary Bonus 

The binary bonus payouts are made in real-time.

Matching Bonus 

The matching bonus is the benefit from your Teams Bonus

Fear of Loss Bonus 

These are the bonuses that you get to enjoy when you get this app right away.


 How to Earn Bonus on Crowd1 App

Earn a bonus of €3000 with just 4 members within 2 weeks. Crowd1 has 4 ways of passive income + more to come

  • Ownership rights €50> €2250 every week.
  • Profit-sharing gambling €70> €500k every month.
  • Sharing profit on advertising, on app games and online games even more earnings than from gambling.

NOTE: 10 days credit possible to pay for your package via profit or own money, BTC, ETH.

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