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Is the Dating on Facebook App Australia available to singles who are in Australia? If you need answers to this question, stay right on this article! So many Facebook users have been asking this very bothering question. There is no doubt that everyone wants to get hold of this amazing online dating service. And if you are part of them, you have just arrived at the ultimate destination. Let’s look for more details.



Dating on Facebook App Australia

The online dating feature on Facebook is now available in several different countries. But, is it available in Australia? We are aware that you definitely need to know about this. That’s why we have put this article in place, as you will get every detail that you just need.

Facebook has always worked to connect billions of people on its website. And there is just no doubt that people in Australia also make use of the Facebook app too. So, if you need to find out if the Dating on Facebook App Australia is available, the answer to this question is Yes!

Facebook Dating App

This is Facebook’s official online dating service. It is currently used by millions of people who have marked themselves as singles. So, if you are single who also makes use of this site, you are just good to go. This feature is currently available in 20 countries including Australia. With few and easy steps, you are sure to find it.

So, if you reside in Australia, you should note that you can engage in smooth online dating through your Facebook app!


Facebook Dating Review

The Facebook dating app has been helpful to so many people out there. To make use of it, you simply need a Facebook dating profile. This will activate the feature for use. Using this profile, you get to join the millions of singles out there.

So much is kept in store for you and you just shouldn’t miss out on this! With a few easy steps, you can get your dating profile right away.

Facebook Dating Release Date Australia

This feature got to Australia on September 5, 2019. Since then, single Facebook users have been able to connect with each other right on this platform. Let’s move on for more details.

FB Dating Australia

Now you know that the Dating on Facebook App Australia is available, what’s next? How do you activate this feature for use? Your Facebook dating profile! Let’s move on, as you get to know how to set up your dating profile.


Facebook Dating Profile

This profile enables you to access and make use of this amazing online dating home on Facebook. Let’s check this out.

  • On your Facebook app, log in to an account.
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines on the right side of the app.
  • Select “Dating” from the list of options of the page.
  • Fill in your gender, location, interest, and a photo of yourself.
  • Confirm the profile.

That’s how it works!

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