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If you’re about deleting a post you made on Facebook, then I am here to tell you that it is possible. Delete Facebook Post is the method of deleting a post that you’ve on your account. If you mistakenly make a post of something you wouldn’t like to have on your account, you can simply delete it or hide it from your hide. So if you’re wondering how to delete your post, I need you to pay attention and read on.


Delete Facebook Post

Deleting a Facebook post is really simple and doesn’t take time. Facebook is a selfless platform that always put the needs of their users first. You can also delete a comment you have made by mistake on a post. In other to delete a Facebook post, you would have to be logged in to your account using Facebook app or website.



Facebook Post

Before, I will show you how to delete a post from Facebook, let’s dive into what a Facebook post is. The Facebook post is a message which is conveyed in a special way or delivery cyber bottle. A post is also known as a Status Update. The post should be a comment, pictures or video clip that are posted on the user’s page. Facebook users can make a post using a mobile device or a computer. To create a Facebook post, you will need to be logged in to your account or create one if you do not have. You can use the Facebook app or website.

Facebook App

The application for Facebook is just like the website. But it is used on a smartphone with clearer and better features. It offers better and faster navigations. It can be gotten on any smartphone type including iOS and Android. That is to say, you can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Facebook app is free on the App Store of the device that you’re using. To get the Facebook app, launch your App Store and;

  • Use the search box on the store and type in Facebook.
  • From the result, tap on the first one.
  • Tap on the green Install button to get it.

Facebook app will be downloaded on your device and you can open it from the same page to sign up or sign in to Facebook.


Facebook Login

To delete a post, you have made on Facebook, you’ll have to login in if your account is sign out. You can use the app or the official webpage. Follow the steps below;

  • Access your Facebook App and open it or go to your browser and enter and search.
  • Once Facebook is loaded on the device, tap on login.
  • Fill in your details (mobile phone number or email ID and Password).
  • Hit on login.

If the information entered is right, the account will be loaded on the device. If you’ve lost or forgotten the password you used for the account, you can reset it by tapping on the “Forgot password”.

How to Delete a Facebook Post

Deleting a Facebook post is simple and fast. It can be done through the Facebook app or webpage. Most times we make mistakes by posting the things we really don’t ish to share on the platform. And that why Facebook included the ability for users to delete posts. So if you have a post you’d like to delete, follow the guides below;

  • Login to your account.
  • Then tap on the “Dots” button at the top of the post.
  • From the drop-down menu hit on “Delete Post”.

The post will be deleted from Facebook. When you delete a post, you’ll remove it from your page permanently.


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