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Do you want to download Facebook dating app? Well, if that is the case then I am going to tell you all about the Facebook dating app and how you can download it. I believe you have been hearing about the Facebook dating app, now there are lots of users that want to download the Facebook app. well, that will not be a problem but the thing is can you download the Facebook dating app? I will tell you about this, how you can access Facebook dating as a site as an app, so keep reading.

Download Facebook Dating App 

Downloading the Facebook dating app will be a very good option but you will know how to do so. Or do you even know what the Facebook app is all about? Today you are not only going to learn how to download the Facebook app, but also what the app is and how to access and make use of it. Before going further let me tell you about the Facebook dating app and all that is attached to it.


Facebook Dating App 

The Facebook dating app is an app that allows the Facebook dating feature to stand by enabling Facebook users to date online. Now without this app Facebook dating will not be that effective, although there is still a way you can date on Facebook. Now, this app cannot be downloaded because it is not a standalone app, it can only be accessed through the Facebook website or the Facebook app, and it does not have an app on its own.

Facebook Free Dating Site 

The Facebook dating is free and does not cost any money at all. Facebook users can easily make use of the Facebook dating app without been charged. You can access the Facebook dating room when you click on the dating notification located at the top of your newsfeed or homepage. Or you can click the heart icon at the top of your profile page.

But the Facebook dating app is not available in every country; it is only available to some. If it is available in your country you will see dating notifications or heart icon at the top of your profile. So if it is not available in your country you will not see them. But if you want to date on Facebook and then you can try the Facebook dating groups as an alternative, but before I tell you how to join Facebook dating groups, let me show you how to create a dating profile.


Facebook Dating Profile

If you don’t have a dating profile on Facebook then you cannot date with the Facebook dating app. but if you will like to have one for yourself then you will read the steps below;

  • Now just simply click the dating notification or the heart icon.
  • The next thing is to create an account, by selecting a gender.
  • When you have selected a gender, you will now then confirm your location.
  • Then there will be 12 profile tiles and each tile is either a photo or an answer to one of the Facebook dating questions.
  • Once the profile tiles are in place then simply tap on the questions you want to be displayed on your dating profile.
  • Then make sure that you answer the questions in a very good and unique way. It is a good way for your match to know more about you.
  • Also, make sure you select your dating photo and make it attractive and cool.
  • If you are through with all these, simply specify your match in the dating settings on your account.

These are the steps that will allow you to access and make use of the Facebook dating app.


Facebook Account Setup 

Now you must have a Facebook account to date or set up a dating profile on Facebook. The dating profile is different from your Facebook account. Now if you don’t have a Facebook account, then read below to create one;

    • Access or visit the Facebook website.
    • Once the page opens, you must click the “Create new account” or “Sign up” link or button.
    • After that simply fill in your details as stated.
    • When you are done, just click the sign-up button again.
    • Then simply verify your account with the digits sent to you.
  • After typing in the digits sent to you, click the “Confirm” or “Continue” button below.

Well, congratulation you are now a Facebook user.


Facebook Dating Groups 

Like I told you earlier if the Facebook dating app is not available in your country, then you should try the Facebook dating groups;

  • Just login to your Facebook account.
  • Then at the search bar, you can simply search for “Facebook singles” or “dating singles on Facebook”.
  • Now when you see results click the join button next to the group.
  • After that, now there may be some questions that will pop up or there might be none.
  • But in case there is, simply answer them correctly and click the submit button.



These are the wonderful steps to follow when you want to join the Facebook dating groups. And the amazing thing is that dating on facebook is the best thing that can happen to you. So make sure you follow the procedure exactly to find a date.

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