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Do you know that it is absolutely possible for you to Download Facebook Dating App Free? Out of the billions of people who make use of the Facebook social app, millions of people are already on the use of this online dating service. We all know that Facebook is a social platform that works to connect friends, family, businesses, and so much more! Right now, it is also working to make sure it connects singles who want to build meaningful relationships too. Are you set to build meaningful relationships with a partner who would also be interested in you? You can do so right away.




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  • Download Facebook Dating App Free
  • Facebook Dating App Free 
  • How to Use Facebook Dating App
  • Download Facebook
  • How to Enable Facebook Dating
  • Facebook Dating Match

Download Facebook Dating App Free

Online dating within this social app is possible and you can Download Facebook Dating App Free right away! Now you know online dating is available on Facebook, but you may begin to wonder how you can Download Facebook Dating App Free. Before proceeding further on how to make use of this feature, there are certain facts that you need to take note of.

When we say, Download Facebook Dating App Free, what does this mean? Now, so many people may begin to think the dating feature is a standalone app on its own. But no! Facebook dating is a feature that exists within the Facebook platform. With this, downloading the dating app refers to download the main Facebook app itself. As long as you’ve got the Facebook app on your smartphone, then you also have access to the dating home within Facebook. With this, you should note that you will need the Facebook app in order to make use of this romantic feature. And you can get this app all for free.


Facebook Dating App Free

The Facebook dating app is the official online dating feature within this social platform. It exists right within the app and is currently used by millions of people. The CEO of Facebook announced that millions of people have currently marked themselves as singles within this dating app on Facebook. With this, you can surely tell that people are trooping into the dating home, as they believe something effective to take place. What are you still waiting for? Have you gotten your Facebook dating profile yet? If you haven’t, then you are just missing out on so many activities.

How does this amazing dating app actually work? You should note that for the fact it is called a dating app doesn’t mean it is a standalone app. it is just a feature situated right within the main Facebook app itself. So, this means that for you to get hold of the dating feature, you will need to download the main Facebook app itself. That’s how the download Facebook dating app works!

How to Use Facebook Dating App

Now you know what this amazing online dating feature is, what’s next? How can you make use of it? This feature is used to connect singles from different parts of the world. If you are a single who seeks to make new friends, share your moment with others, and even date, then this is just right for you!

This feature is used to match with singles in the dating home, send and receive private conversations, interact with singles, and other activities. How do you get to engage in all these? you will need your Facebook dating profile? Using this profile, you can activate this feature for use. It works just like your Facebook account profile but is a separate profile. Whatever you do in the dating home never reflects within the main Facebook account you have. Need to know more? Let’s move further!


Download Facebook

You now understand that you have to download the Facebook app in order to make use of the dating feature, what comes next? How do you download the app if you do not have one yet? Let’s check the steps below.

  • On your Android or iOS smartphone, visit the Google play store or Apple app store.
  • At the top of these store pages, you will find a search box.
  • Using this search bar/icon, type in and search for “Facebook”.
  • On the next page filled with search results, find and click on this official app.
  • To proceed with the download, tap on “Install” or “GET”.

This will begin the download process of the app to your smartphone. After the download, open the app, create an account or log in if you already have one. From here, you can find and make use of the dating service.

Note: the download of this app is absolutely free!


How to Enable Facebook Dating

Now you have the Facebook app, how do you find and access the dating feature? As long as the feature is available for use in your location, you will find it. Follow the steps to set up your dating profile.

  • On your smartphone, open your Facebook app.
  • Log into your account.
  • Once the account is logged in, go to your account profile section.
  • At the top, tap on the heart icon. You can also go to the menu part of the app, scroll down to click on “Dating”.
  • What comes next? Fill in your gender, location, interests, and a photo of yourself.
  • Confirm the process.

You will get to the dating home, as you can now match with other singles on the platform.


Facebook Dating Match

What is the Facebook dating match? On the Facebook dating feature, there are lots of other features that make it really interesting and worth making use of. In the aspect of this article rather, I will be telling you of the match feature also popularly known as ‘secret crush’. If you have made use of Facebook dating you might be wondering about the relationship between secret crush and matching. Normally with the Facebook dating feature, there is no swiping right or left. Now, if there is no swiping right or left, how does one match? good question.

You can actually match on Facebook, but only through the secret crush tool and sub-feature. this feature lets you add up to nine Facebook friends and Instagram followers to a special list known as the secret crush list. Normally Facebook does not let you match with your friends. But rather it lets you match with friends of your friends. But with this feature it is different. When you add a person to your secret crush list, the person gets notified, and when the person adds you back to their list its a match!

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