DStv Now – How to Download DStv Now App


DStv now is one of the best improvements the famous multichoice company DStv has made ever since they began. This platform has made a lot of things possible on DStv, and in a way giving the platform a better edge than most other Television station service providers. DStv Now is the latest DStv app available on Android devices, iOS devices, and even Windows devices. This app lets you access all the services DStv has to offer and more. Below, you would be enticed with more details on the DStv Now app.



DStv Now


If you happen to be in a country that is within DStv territories, well you are in luck if you happen to own a DStv because it grants you access to stream live TV, catch up on your favorite series, movies, and sports highlights, or download to watch it later offline. All this can be done on the Go with DStv now. DStv Now app offers you more than your regular DStv decoder would give you.

The Live TV and Catch up in the DStv app would be as per your DStv subscription package and the country where your subscription would hold. Based on geo-blocking this content, it can only be used by people who are in Countries in the DStv territories.

Features of DStv App

As a customer of DStv, you get to enjoy all the features stated below on the DStv app. These features are very interesting, and as I stated previously, you would not even find some of the features stated below on some DStv Decoder. They include:

  • Users get to live stream selected TV channels using 3G/4G or Wi-Fi
  • You get to catch up on a selection of most of the top shows, sports, and movies
  • You get to download up to about 25 videos on the catch to enjoy offline later across other devices.
  • It has a DStv kids’ platform that lets kids have fun on the platform using pin-controlled access on some TV stations while giving them interesting kids’ TV shows.
  • You get access to a full 8-day TV guide and set reminders in other to plan your viewing

There are more interesting features that the app holds, but these are the main features of the app.


How to Download DStv Now App

Downloading DStv Now app should not be very complicated for you. As a matter of fact, as long as you have downloaded from your app store, you should have no problem with this download process. The steps include:

For Smartphones

  • Open your App store
  • enter DStv on the search bar
  • once the app opens, download it by clicking on install and that is it.

The app would be downloaded on your smartphone.


For Windows

Downloading the DStv now for Windows is not available, but users can choose to sign up and use the platform on your web browser. To do that follows this process.

  • Open your web browser
  • Then enter this URL now.dstv.com
  • Once the site opens, click on sign up and follow the on-screen directions to sign up.

And with this, you would be using DStv now on your PC.

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