Easter Egg Hunt Facebook/Street – How To Play The Easter Egg Hunt On Facebook

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What is Easter Egg Hunt Facebook/Street? One of the positives to be taken in a period like this is that Easter is here again. In the midst of the coronavirus, this is one time to forget about all the pains brought about by the COVID- 19 and prepare towards celebrating. With Easter comes the spirit of celebration. Even though most people think that there is no reason to celebrate at this period, I think that we have all the reasons to celebrate. It’s just that you haven’t seen it yet.



Easter Egg Hunt Facebook/Street

What is Easter egg hunt Facebook/street? For you to get a better understanding of what this topic is all about, you need to get an understanding of what the Easter egg hunt is and what its connection is to Facebook. What then is the Easter egg hunt game? During Easter, there are lots of activities and games to be involved in this period. The Easter egg hunt is one of the oldest Easter games ever. This game is played by people all over the world. It is a very popular game among people all over the world.

How The Easter Egg Hunt Game Is Played

This game works in a similar fashion to the world-renowned hide and seeks game. But here in this game you don’t hide and let others find you, but rather you hide eggs and you seek them. In this game, eggs are hidden in various places and kids are allowed to find them in hiding and seek fashion. Both real eggs and fake eggs can be used in playing this game. In some regions of the world, hurdles are added to this game to make the game more fun and interesting. At the end of the game, prizes are given out.

Just as I have mentioned already, this game is very popular among people of the world. This game fosters peace and love among communities. It also fosters friendship among kids and adults alike. Communities and towns have pages on Facebook and from these pages, they are organizing these events since the game can’t be played in the old fashioned way during this time.


How To Play The Easter Egg Hunt On Facebook

Due to coronavirus, social gatherings have been prohibited in a bid to curb and control the disease. Social distancing has been put into effect, to stop the spread of this disease. And as you may have well known by now. This game is more fun when you play with your friends and other people from your community outdoor. With social distancing in place, it is almost impossible to play this game. How do you now play this game on Facebook?

Just as I have mentioned already in this article, most communities have pages on Facebook. And as such participants and households have been told to make beautiful egg crafts and hang them on their door-posts, windows, trees garages and other places they can paste these crafts. Children are then employed to come out to take pictures with these posts and post the pictures on their community Facebook pages.


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