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How would you like to keep track of all the transactions you use your benefits for? For this reason, the ebtEDGE website and the ebtEDGE Mobile App were created. The ebtEDGE Mobile App is a recent development and since creation, it has made it easy to check out information about your card and benefits easy. Yes, now, cardholders can get all the information they need on the go!



ebtEDGE Mobile App


The ebtEDGE Mobile App is an application that performs the same function as the ebtEDGE website. ebtEDGE is an online platform that was created to help check EBT card balances. This online platform is only applicable to people in the United States of America. When you depend on SNAP benefits, the ebtEDGE Mobile App just simplifies things for you.

Recipients of food benefits and card benefits would find the ebtEDGE Mobile App very useful. This is because these benefits are usually sent to the recipients in EBT cards. Before we talk more about the ebtEDGE Mobile App and how to download and use it, let us learn what EBT cards are about and the benefits that make use of them.

EBT Cards

EBT which means Electronic Benefits Transfer is an electronic system used in the United States of America to authorize the payment of purchases directly from a federal account to an approved store or retailer via a magnetically encoded card. This encoded card is what is being referred to as an EBT card.

The EBT cards work like a debit card. This card is used by SNAP and it contains benefits that are sent to eligible recipients. Before the EBT cards were created, benefit programs made use of food stamps and coupons. This card system replaces the paper system and to ease the use of the benefits. This also broadens the benefits being giving as one can now receive cash benefits in an EBT card. The card system totally replaced the paper system in 2008.



SNAP is a benefit program in the United States that helps to provide food for citizens who can barely feed their selves. It has over the grown to become the biggest program under the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) which is under the administration of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  SNAP provides cash benefits, medical care services, and also social services for mostly the aged, disabled, and the mentally challenged. These benefits usually the food and cash benefits are received from the program in an EBT card.

The food benefits from the program only encourage healthy eating and nutrition and also help to stretch food budgets. The cash benefits can be withdrawn at approved ATMs or cashback only in approved stores or from approved retailers.

For a person to get these benefits, one has to first apply for it. The application can only be done in the person’s current state of residence. The state is then in charge of the evaluation of your application to deem you eligible for the benefits that is if you meet up with the state’s requirements. However, the requirements for each state are quite different, especially the maximum amount of income allowed by the applicant or applicants in terms of household. Also, the benefits received from the states are different.

A recipient of SNAP benefits gets an EBT card and this makes the person a cardholder. Before now, it has been very difficult for cardholders to keep track of the records of their transactions and knowing how much of their benefit is left. With the help of ebtEDGE, it has been made easy and the ebtEDGE Mobile App makes it even easier as one can check balances on the go.


Functions of The ebtEDGE Mobile App

There are some functions the ebtEDGE Mobile App performs that have been really helpful to cardholders. The application is free for cardholders to use as no form of payment or special subscription to the app it needed. They are;

  • Getting account information on benefits received like deposit history and benefit schedule.
  • Checking transaction history as far back as sixty (60) days.
  • Checking account balance on the benefits left.
  • Choosing and changing your PIN.
  • Viewing information on account in either English or Spanish.
  • Adding security to your account and even updating the security added.
  • Printing of history of the transactions you have done.
  • Locating approved SNAP stores and retailers closest to your area of residence.

Things being made easy for you already? All these functions could save you time, help you plan properly on how to manage the benefits being sent, and also keep a check on your expenditures.

How To Download The ebtEDGE Mobile App

Here you will be shown the steps on how to download the ebtEDGE Mobile App into your mobile device. Read the following steps to know.

  • Make sure your mobile device is fully charged.
  • Go to your Google Play Store or your App Store.
  • Type ebtEDGE Mobile App in the search bar provided and then tap on the search icon beside it.
  • When the app pops up from the search, tap on it.
  • Then tap on the install icon to automatically download and install the app into your device. If you do not have the direct install option, tap on download when the download is complete, and then tap on the install icon to install it into your device.
  • After it has been successfully installed, exit the store, locate the app and tap on it to open or
  • While still in the store tap on the open option on the just installed app to open it.

And just like that you have downloaded and installed the app into your mobile device. Now, the application awaits your use.


ebtEDGE Mobile App Sign In – ebtEDGE Mobile Login

The ebtEDGE Mobile App sign-in is what is referred to as the cardholder login. To make use of the ebtEDGE Mobile App, one has to first sign in to your EBT account on the application after it has been downloaded and installed. Signing in to your account on the application as a cardholder would require only your sixteen (16) digit EBT card number. Are you thinking you were not given an EBT card number? Do not worry. The EBT card number is on the EBT card sent to you.

To sign in to your account, follow the steps listed out below.

  • Tap on the ebtEDGE Mobile App on your mobile device to open the app.
  • When the home page is displayed, tap on the cardholder login option.
  • Enter your EBT card number and tap on the login icon.

On the ebtEDGE Mobile App you would be requested to register your account. This would require details like your name, social number, EBT card number, and state of residence and application. This is all in the bid to make your next login process very secure and also to enable others to use the application from one device.

The ebtEDGE Mobile App is very available to both android devices and iOS devices. This is to say there are restrictions nor is the app limited to a particular device. Now you can enjoy all the features available on the app and easily record all your transactions and monitor your benefits.

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