Edit My Name On Facebook – Name Edit On Facebook Profile


Edit My Name On Facebook – Name Edit On Facebook Profile – Most of Facebook account owners make use of their real names when they first open their accounts. Most time they decide to change their name after seeing someone with a much better or cooler name, or probably when they get married. While some people do it for reasons best known to the. Well, if you have any reason to change your Facebook name, and you do not know how to do it, well this article’s got you covered. Edit name on Facebook profile account.

It is best that you make use of your real name when creating a Facebook account for proper identification. Mostly this is because it enables people who knew you before to easily locate you on the platform. And, do you know that Facebook can tag your friend who you took a photo with using facial recognition. This is only to show you how advanced Facebook is.



Standard of Changing Facebook Profile Account Name

Before deciding to change your, there are important things you need to know. Facebook has a naming standard, and before deciding to make any change, you need to do a proper review. If you decide for any reason at all to change your Facebook name, before another change can be made you would need to wait for 60 days.

And after those 60 days, you changed your name again, and then you would need to wait for 120 days before any new change can be made. With that said, you should know that when changing your name you need to decide proper not to make any mistake.

How to Change Name on Facebook Profile Account – Edit My Name On Facebook

Changing your Facebook name is no so complicated, just follow my steps below and in no time your name would be changed:

1. Login your Facebook account.

2. Then locate the setting icon at the top of your Facebook page.

3. And then choose name

4. Enter the new name you want to use in your profile

5. Click review Change icon

6. Enter your Facebook password

7. And click save changes

And with that your new name would be created. Note that it is just the name that is been edited and not other information on your Facebook account.


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