Facebook Account Disabled – Reasons Facebook Account Disabled | How to Recover Facebook Disabled Account


Facebook Account Disabled is a policy they have made to keep the Facebook social media safe and good for users. Check out how it works.


Facebook Account Disabled

It was established in February 2004, it is a private company that has generated more than 2.38 billion users since it was founded. Facebook is a social media and networking company that allows anyone from 13 years of age to create an account. They provided a means for friends, family, and strangers to communicate with each other all over the world.


In the world today, so many people complain about Facebook disabling their accounts. They have a policy about all accounts being registered into their system so access the profile before granting the account opener a grace of stay long on Facebook.



Facebook has a different policy governing all accounts on Facebook social media. Some accounts are been disabled and opened later while some are been disable forever.

Facebook is an important part of many lives which is why the average daily user spends time on Facebook and it is also why most people are having a Facebook account disabled. If your account is been reported to Facebook on multiple occasions, your account will be disabled. You can also disable your account with your hand if by the case you accidentally leave your browser open and somebody tampers with your account. Your account can also be disabled if your account is being hacked or you forgot your password and have a problem retrieving it back.

Facebook always says this when your account is disabled we’re always looking out for the security of our community, so until then, you will not be able to use Facebook.

Features of Facebook

Facebook has different features attached to the social media platform.

  • Live video streaming
  • It allows you control who can view your post on your wall
  • You can use public features where you can create groups/pages/ events and pages so that people can interact.
  • Connect other social media accounts with Facebook.
  • It allows online games for friends and family to play online.
  • Users can create a photo album to upload pictures and save them in the created album.


Reasons Facebook Account Disabled

There is some reason why Facebook disabled some account. Below is the list of some reasons:

  • Impersonating Someone
  • Using Fake Name
  • Breaking Rules and Regulations of Facebook
  • Posting Content that does not follow the Facebook Terms
  • Harassing People
  • Advertising
  • Promoting
  • Scamming and Defrauding
  • Not following Facebook community standards
  • Hacked Account
  • Unsuitable Behavior
  • Fake Profile

How to Recover Facebook Disabled Account

There are some ways of getting back your Facebook account without stress. If it does not work, it is disabled completely and you cannot make use of the Facebook account.

First Step:

  • You are to enter the email address or mobile number used in the registration of your account.
  • Type your full name
  • Click on choose files and then select the ID proof from the list to upload
  • You are to upload a recognize government ID card for verification
  • You will have to wait for your ID to be verified before opening the account


Second Step:

  • You are to type your full name
  • Select Date of Birth
  • A box that says “additional information” option, you have to enter a justified reason
  • Enter the email address or phone number you use in opening the Facebook account.
  • Click on the send button

List of Documents use in Opening your Disabled Account

  • International Passport
  • Personal or Vehicle insurance card
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Voter ID card
  • Birth certificate
  • Tax identification card
  • Official name change paperwork
  • Green card
  • Residence permit
  • Immigration papers


I hope with this article you will be able to reopen your disabled Facebook account.

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