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So, you forgot your password and don’t know how to recover it? Or the account was hacked? Well, you are not alone the Facebook Account Recovery. Because, there are lots of us who do not know it and on this Facebook Account Recovery Guide, I will be guiding you on the process to get it. Facebook as one of the biggest and famous social networks with over 2.2 billion active users, brings users with lots of great opportunities.



Facebook Account Recovery Guide


On the platform, one is getting an account and the other remembering your password. Most users seem to lost passwords or got hacked and feel they can’t recover and then end creating a new account and start all over again. Now, that’s pretty annoying but worry no. All you can do is now, continue reading to find out more about recovering your Facebook password.

Facebook Retrieve Account

Facebook Account Recovery Guide is simply the procedure to follow in other to recover your account. Did you lose your password? So, what’s the big deal when you can actually recover it. We are human and have lots of things on our heads, and that’s why we forget most things at the time. And simply because you lost your account password doesn’t mean you can’t get it back. Of course, you. Either using the application or desktop site.

Facebook Hacked Account Recovery

Aside from the fact of forgetting your password, there are hackers out there that do hack Facebook accounts. So maybe your account was hacked, you can recover it. You can recover the account using the account phone number, or alternative email. Now you know that you can recover your account, but do you have the app on your device. Though the app is necessarily important, who doesn’t like faster and better navigations? Well, if you do like me, then you need the app.


How to Download Facebook App

Facebook is compatible with any device type and that means it can be installed on your iOS and Android devices. So, there won’t be the saying of “My phone can’t use the Facebook app”. The smart device you’re using doesn’t matter, Facebook was designed to fit into any device. Now, without wasting further time, follow the instructions below to download the app;

  • Launch Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Then enter Facebook into the search box.
  • Select the first one on the result list to open the Facebook Information page for download.
  • Tap on “Download” or “Install”.

Make sure, your data or Wi-Fi connection is strong and immediately it would be installed. After the installation, you would need to launch the app on the device to proceed with the recovering process.

Account Recovery Facebook

There are different means of recovering your Facebook account and you’ve clicked on the post because I will be showing how to do just that. Now follow the methods below to recover the account rather than creating a new one;

Using Phone Number;

  • Access the login page and select “Forgot Account” or “Forgot Password”.
  • Provide the name you used for the account and select “Next”.
  • On the next screen, different recovery options would be shown. Select the opting of using the Phone number.
  • Confirm the number and tap on the send code.
  • You would receive an SMS with a code, type it on the provided field, and hit on “Next”.

You would be required to create a new password for the account once the code is confirmed right by Facebook. After that, you can login with the new password created.


Recovering with Phone number;

  • On the login page, select “Forgot Password”.
  • On the recovery page, select “Recover using Email”.
  • Confirm the email and hit on “Send Email”.
  • Check the mailbox and follow the link provided or input the code sent.
  • Create a new password and hit on “Ok” when done.

Make sure to use a strong but easy to remember password.

Recover Facebook Through Friends;

  • Access the Facebook login page using the app or web.
  • Hit on the “Forgot Account” option there.
  • Then on the box that would be provided, fill in your email, username, mobile phone, or the Full name you used for the account.
  • From the list of contacts that Facebook will display to help discover your own, tap on yours.
  • The email address that is attached to the account would be shown if you no longer have access to it, select “No Longer have to access to these?”.
  • Provide a new email and submit.
  • Facebook will be shown some security questions or recover through friends. Select the last option.
  • Then selected some trusted friends and then the platform would send out codes to them.

Now, contact them and get the code sent to commence. Input the code on the field for it and submit.


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