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Are you a business owner on Facebook but don’t seem to get many visitors or audiences on your site or page? Facebook Ad Boost is the best solution you can get. Boosting you’re on the platform is very simple and fast to carry out. Well, I believe the reason you clicked on this post, is because you wish to learn more about the service. Worry not, as I will be informing you about what it means bost an Ad on the platform. Read on to find out more.



Facebook Ad Boost


Facebook ad boost is a paid service but it is worth the amount being paid. Boosted Ad is considered to be the most basic form of advertising on Facebook today. Facebook ad boost helps you to get more audience or visitors to your site. When you decide to boost your ad, make sure to have a target of audience engagement like shares, likes and post comments.

Facebook Ad

Facebook ad is like a more advanced means to advertise your products or business on the platform. And it requires a Facebook manager account. Advertising on Facebook makes way for you to reach out to more audiences and also grow your business the way you want with the aim or goal on your budget. Using Facebook ad boost is advisable because it gives you the ability to add an optional call to action tab promoting more actions such as sign up, download the app, and contact us, shop now and many more options.


How to Boost an Ad on Facebook – Facebook Account

Boosting your ad on Facebook is not as simple as any other advertising strategy but with the boosted ad or post, you can get more likes, comments, and shares on your site. Before you can use Facebook to boost your post or ad, you must have a Facebook account or you can create an account if you don’t have. Signing up is easy, free and fast. Follow the instructions below to create a new Facebook account;

  • On your desktop proceed to facebook.com or you can launch the Facebook mobile app on your device.
  • Enter your surname, first name, mobile number or your email address and then create a new password for your account on the text fields provided.
  • Select your birthday and then indicate your gender by tapping on male or female.
  • Once you are done, hit on “Sign up”.

Wait for a verification mail to be sent to your email or a code to be texted to your mobile number. Tap on the link in the mail or type in the code sent. After which your new Facebook account will be loaded on the device.


Facebook Login

You can also sign in if you already if an account with Facebook. Follow the steps below to log on;

  • Go to facebook.com or open the Facebook mobile app on your mobile.
  • Type in your mobile number or email address and the password of the account.
  • Then hit on “Log in”.

If the Facebook account login details are correct, the Facebook account will be loaded on the device.

Facebook Page

Once your account is loaded on your device, you can scroll to your business page to boost you post an ad, or you can follow the instructions below to create a business page if you don’t have;

  • On your Facebook page, hover and click on “Create a page” at the right-hand corner of your page.
  • Choose the page type you’d like to create. Also then enter the page name and the page category.
  • Then type in your street address, city, state, Zip code and your mobile number. Then tap on “Continue”.

Your Facebook business page will be created. Head and customize the page to the way you want, add a profile image and a cover photograph. Also, add a little description of your business page. Then create your first business post.


How to Boost Ad on Facebook

Giving Facebook money to showcase your business ads or posts to get more audience or reach couldn’t be simpler. Find the post you want to boost and click on “Boost post”. All you need to do is to boost your post. Follow the steps below to boost your post for free;

  • On your Facebook page, click on the “Insights” at the top.
  • At the left-hand corner, tap on “Posts”.
  • Then tap on the “Reach” tab. After that, tap on the business post that is performing very well and clicks “Boost post”.

To boost your post with money, follow the guidelines below;

  • Log on to your Ads Manager, then tap on “Create Ad” and choose the “Boost post”.
  • Then find the post you wish to boost.
  • Then tap on the “Set audience and Budget” tab.
  • On the connections side, select “Fan pages” and then “Friends of people who like your page” and then type in the page name.
  • Take the audience down to a more reasonable number.
  • On the page that says “How much do you want to spend?” section, change the post bidding to optimize for the post engagement and pay when people reach out to your page.

The post or Ad will be boosted successfully.

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