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Facebook ads is Facebook’s ways of advertisement, it’s a mobile kind of advertisement targeted at people that due to their activities. The main problem with the advertisement has always been the fact that it might not pass the right message and it might not get to the right amount and kind of people. But with Facebook ads, we have advertisements that could be targeted to the right kind of people or Facebook users, due to their activities on Facebook. These ads are mostly used by businesses to reach potential customers or followers whereby they choose the outlook of the ads, the kind of people the ads are targeted on and how long the ads/ad is/are meant to operate. Although Facebook ads are not free but are very effective at creating a high rate of traffic to a website or Facebook pages.


How to Create Ads on Facebook

Here are some steps on how to get a Facebook ad;


The first and primary step is to have an active Facebook account, log in and create a Facebook page. You must have a Facebook page in order to create a Facebook ad

N.B; if the Facebook ads are for business, make sure the page is linked to your business or create a business page.

  • Click on the “Menu” icon on the top right corner of the Facebook news feed page.
  • Select “Create Ads”; this will open a Facebook power editor.
  • Name your ad, (it’s private, only you get to see this name).
  • Select your ad audience; the Facebook users you want the ads to be targeted at.
  • Adjust your ad placement, Facebook will automatically place your ad but to specifically place it somewhere, click on the “Edit Placements” box and select your specific place from the options given.
  • Select your kind of budget for the ads, this determines the longevity of your ads
  • Give a start date for your ads and you could also select the time at which the ads go live.
  • Make sure your ads are more pictures and videos than words, make it brief and give it a public title.
  • Select the business page the ad is related to.
  • Do and Finalise all final editing’s, i.e. you could add a “call to action” button.
  • Scroll down and click on the green button to create and save your ads, thereby activating them when it’s set date is reached.

Facebook is great on giving guidelines and steps, so when creating a Facebook ad, make sure to go through the guidelines and follow them dully.

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