Facebook Ads Manager Account – Facebook Ad Campaign Set Up


Facebook ads manager account helps users that want to advertise on the Facebook platform. On Facebook, the best means of managing your Ads is by using the Ads Manager. And then to use the service, you need Ads Manager account. Creating an account is simple and fast. Well, if you’ve been finding it hard to create due to not knowing the steps, then read on.


Facebook Ads Manager Account

Facebook ads manager account can be defined as a tool that is designed for managing the pages you have on Facebook and your ad accounts. With your ads manager account, you can track the ads you have made on the page and also manage all your assets. When a Facebook ads manager account has been created, it then becomes a central space to manage the business separate from all your Facebook personal profile. With this feature, you wouldn’t have to worry about mixing your business contents to your Facebook personal content.



You can create Facebook ads manager account when;

  • The business is working with a marketing team.
  • There are multiple assets to manage.
  • You use or work with Vendors.
  • Control over permissions is needed.
  • You want the business to grow on the platform.
  • There’s a need to keep the business secured.

Getting started with the Ads Manager Account

To get started, you would need to create the Manager account, click on this link to www.business.facebook.com to set up your account and follow the instructions below to create;

  • On the platform, click on Create Account.
  • Fill in your Business name and click on Continue.
  • Type in your name and the business email address you want to use in managing your business on Facebook ads Manager Account, click on Finish.
  • Add the business pages you have on Facebook.
  • Add the Facebook Ad account or you can create one.
  • Then Add people that will help you to manage your Facebook assets.
  • Connect the business partners or the Ad agency that you are working with.
  • Add an Instagram account if you have any.

Once you are done with this process, the Dashboard will be displayed, and then set up the Facebook Pixels.


How to Create An Ad Account

You can easily create a Facebook ad account from your Business Manage account. You can create by following the steps below;

  • Open your Ads Manager Account. Click on Add New and then Ad Accounts.
  • Hit on Add new.
  • Fill in the ad account name, advertising on behalf of, the Time zone of the region you are, the currency being used in the region and then the payment method you want to use for the ad account.
  • Click on Create Ad Account.
  • Add and assign four persons to a role on the Account and hit on save changes.

The account will be created and you can then head to create your Facebook ad.


Facebook Ad Campaign Set Up

To create your Facebook ad, you must be on the Campaign ta from the Ads Manager account and then hit on Create CTA to start. Creating an ad on Facebook is very easy, Facebook provides you with targeting objectives you can set for the ad. Follow below to create;

  1. Once the form is loaded, select the Ad Campaign objective you want. From
  • Brand awareness,
  • local awareness,
  • reach,
  • traffic,
  • engagement,
  • app installs,
  • lead generation,
  • video views,
  • conversions,
  • product catalog sales,
  • store traffic,
  • Messages.
  1. Give the campaign a name.
  2. Set up Audience targeting.
  3. Select the placement.
  4. Set up the budget, bidding, and schedule for the ad.
  5. Create the Ad.
  6. Then Submit the Ad.

The campaign would be made live once it has been reviewed by Facebook. You can monitor the progress of the ad from your Ads manager account dashboard.


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