Facebook Ads Tutorials – Facebook Ads formats | How to Create Facebook Ads Account


The Facebook Ads Tutorials can be seen as the instruction you would need to follow to set up or create a successful Facebook ad to reach the people you want and then more generate more audience to your site or business. This article is a step by step guide for those people that don’t understand Facebook ads and how you can create an on Facebook to reach the audience you wish to reach or market your products to. There are lots of users on Facebook who are always activated on a daily basis. In this article, you would learn more about the Facebook ads tutorial.



Facebook Ads Tutorials


Facebook ads are a way of marketing your products or goods on Facebook to reach out to the ideal audience or client for the business. It is fast-growing and also becoming popular every single day. No matter who you are targeting, it is very much likely that they’re using Facebook because there are over 2 billion users on Facebook. So the best way to market your products, goods or services is through Facebook Ads.

How to Target Facebook Ads

Targeting your ads is the basis of having a successful advert on the platform. You can target your ads with the following; Location you are, Age and the Gender of your ideal customers, User’s Interests. Also, Relationships with customers, Languages that are spoken in that locality, Educational background and Workplace.

All the targets listed on this guide are important and useful if you wish to get a successful advert on Facebook. Though, it depends on the kind of audience you want to reach with your products or services.


Facebook Ads formats

There are different types of ad formats you can use in creating your Facebook ads. Below are;

  • Facebook stories Ads.
  • Video Ads.
  • Image Ads.
  • Slideshow Ads.
  • Carousel Ads.
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Domain Ads.
  • Offer Ads.
  • Lead Ads.
  • Video Ads.
  • Canvas Ads.
  • Collection Ads.
  • Mobile App Ads.
  • Messenger Ads

You can select any of the formats above to create the Facebook ad.

How to create Facebook Ads Account

To set up your Facebook Ad head to your Ads Manager on your business page to create an ad account first if you don’t have but if you have, you can skip this. You can create an Ad account by following the instructions:

  • Head on to your Business Manager then click on “Account” and tap “Add accounts”.
  • Click on Add.
  • Fill out the form displayed, the ad name, advertising on behalf of, the Time zone, Currency you are using and your payment method on the requested fields displayed.
  • Click on Create ad account.

The account will be created and you add and you can assign 4 people to their role on your business account. Once you are done, click on “Ok”.


Tutorials of Facebook Ads – How to create Facebook Ad

Once you the Ad account have been created, then head on to create your Ad campaign. Making a great Advert will give a high chance of having a presence on the platform. When creating ads, include clear and quality images or videos. Follow the simple instructions below to create;

  • Select the Objective you’d like to use for the Ad campaign you’re creating.
  • Choose your audience or visitors you want to reach with your campaign.
  • Select the places you want the Ad campaign to be. That is to say, the ad placements.
  • Set the Ad Budget.
  • Design the Ad format you wish to use.
  • Then finally, Place the campaign order.


Facebook will review and approved the ad before making it live on the platform to be seen by your targeted audience. Note: the ad type might also determine your performance on the platform.

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