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Facebook album download is a Facebook feature that lets you download multiple photos from your Facebook account. To avoid disorderliness when it comes to arranging your many photos on Facebook, I’ll advice you use the Facebook album download. Here is why: Should in case you created an album just for your personal photos, note that whenever you upload a photo, you add it to that album. However, when you download that album from your Facebook account, all the photos on that album will be automatically downloaded.Facebook Album download

Moreover, It’s so nice when you get to arrange your photos in perfect order on Facebook album. Also let me remind you that you can only have a photo album on Facebook only if you already have a Facebook account.  Facebook album download is just what you need to get your Facebook friends always interested in watching your photos without getting bored. So as I mentioned earlier, you need a Facebook account or Facebook sign in before you can start enjoying the benefits of the album.


Facebook Account

To start off, you need to create a Facebook account. But don’t worry how to, because I’m going to be teaching you on how to create a Facebook account by following the steps:

  1. Input the URL www.facebook.com on your favourite web browser.
  2. But in case you’re logged into a Facebook account already, just sign out and locate the Sign up button to click on down the page.
  3. Enter all necessary information about yourself on the next page.
  4. After inputting the details of your phone or email and password, you scroll down to click on the “Sign Up” link.

Patiently run through other steps to perfectly complete your Facebook account set up. Its fast and easy to understand.

Download Facebook Album

To download Facebook album, first make sure you’re signed into your Facebook account. Then follow the steps below for Facebook album download:

  • Access your Facebook profile page through your Facebook News Feed.
  • Then tap on “Photos” from your profile page.
  • Now click on “Album” on the category of photos.
  • Access the album you want to download.
  • Click on the gear icon found at the top right corner of the album page.
  • Then you can now click on “Download” on the new menu.

Wait a few seconds for Facebook to finish processing the downloading process and the album would be automatically downloaded to your device. Extract it if the file is a ZIP file. This is all what it takes to download it.

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