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The Facebook Avatar Maker Update is one of the recent updates on the Facebook platform. With the addition of the Facebook avatar feature on the social media platform, people are already smiling. What’s more fun and amazing about this feature is that it is free to use. Before now, most people were already accustomed to Apple’s Memoji, Bitmoji, and Snapchat. Hooray! Facebook is out with theirs and it is so much fun to use. Once you have a Facebook account, you can get started with your avatar creation. The process is not difficult so what are you waiting for huh? Keep Reading below to learn more.



Facebook Avatar Maker Update


As earlier said, the Facebook Avatar Maker Update is the recent feature that has been added to the social media giant to make it more fun for users. This article is basically for the new Avatar feature on Facebook, I will be guiding you through on how to create and the creator app of the feature. Creating your own avatar is very simple, fast, and very much free for all in the regions accessible currently to use. The new update of the Avatar feature on the platform has made much more fun. Now, the new Facebook Avatar Maker Update is the one you wouldn’t want to miss out on. So let’s dive in.

Facebook Avatar Update

The Facebook Avatar Update is yet to be rolled in many regions, presently just a few locations are accessible to the feature. The new avatar features let’s make a digital or computerized version of yourself. That is to say, the new Avatar updates allow you to design a cartoon version of yourself to be used for making comments or expressing yourself with the platform using Messenger or Facebook’s main app. Lots of users who have stopped using Facebook has actually returned to the platform due to the update. This new avatar update has made the platform more interactive with not just emojis or stickers, but now you can use an emoji of yourself. Doesn’t that sound? Of course, it does.

Being a new update or addition on the social media platform, it is not yet accessible worldwide, just a few locations. I know you are quiet about creating your own emoji, so let’s go on to the avatar maker and the Facebook avatar maker app.


Facebook Avatar Maker

Facebook avatar is accessible to any user on the platform and it is for free. If you are familiar with the likes of BitMoji, Apple’s Memoji, and others, then you will be happy to use this feature. Being an addition on the platform doesn’t mean you can simply go to the platform and start making your own avatar. It is not accessible on the web and there’s a maker app to use. Eager much, right? Well, I’ve got you because I will be telling you about the maker app and how to create your own avatar.

Facebook Avatar Maker App

As I said earlier above, the avatar feature is not accessible on the web just using the app. If you are wondering what the Facebook Avatar Maker App is, then here’s your answer. The avatar maker app is no other app then the Facebook or Messenger app itself. Facebook avatar is a new addition on the platform which means it is a feature and not a standalone app. Now, you know, right? Well, how can you use the avatar maker app without downloading it? That’s so impossible, so let’s download the app first.

How to Download Facebook Avatar Maker App

Facebook and Messenger apps are compatible with any device type, so that means the avatar feature can be accessed on iOS and Android devices. Also, the app is free and fast to download. To download the maker app, open the Application Store on your device, and enter Facebook or Messenger and search. From the result, tap on the term you searched for to load its information page and then tap on “Install”.

Facebook or Facebook Messenger app will be installed immediately into your device. Now you need to sign in to your Facebook account or Messenger account. So let’s go.


Facebook Avatar Creator

The whole process of creating your own is simple and very fast. But of course, you can only have access to it if the feature is available in your location and also if you are signed in to your account. In order to start your Facebook avatar creation, you have to log in to your account. That now brings us the Facebook login section, which is simple.

To login your Facebook or Messenger account, follow below guides below;

  • Open the Facebook application the device that you are using and tap on “Login”.
  • Provide the login details which are your email or number and password.
  • Then tap on “Log in” and immediately your Facebook account will be logged in.

Here’s how to Sign In to Messenger;

  • Open the Messenger app.
  • If your Facebook profile is logged in, Messenger will automatically sign you in using the details.
  • Or you sign in manually by tapping on, for example, “Not Jane Doe” or “Sign In Manually”.
  • Then type in the sign-in details which email or phone number and password of the account you created.

I told you that the process was simple, didn’t I? Enough with that, let’s go to the part you have been waiting for.


Facebook Avatar Create

Facebook Avatar create is easy and can be done within less than 5 minutes. You just need to have the idea of how you want to look. Take as much time as you want to create your avatar, at all it is a cartoon image of you. If you can’t actually wait to try out the Facebook Avatar maker update, follow below to create your own avatar on Facebook;

  • Open Facebook or Messenger app.
  • On Facebook, tap on the menu icon at the top or bottom of your Homepage and scroll down, then select “See More”. From there, tap on “Avatar”. Then on Messenger, open a conversation and select the stickers icon, then “Make Your Avatar”.
  • To launch the feature, tap on “Get Started”
  • To start the process, select the skin tone that you have from the options and tap “Next”.
  • From the hair selection section, choose the hairstyle and color you want.
  • Select your face shape, eye shape, and the color of your eyes, makeup such as blush, eyebrow, and nose shape.
  • Then go ahead to choose your body shape, and the outfit you want.
  • You can add accessories if you’d like to and make your avatar look just as you want it. If you maybe need a reminder of how you look, tap on the Mirror icon at the top to display your front camera.
  • Once you feel satisfied with the avatar that you have created, tap on the checkmark at the right top.
  • Tap on “Next” once the screen finishes loading and to finalize it, tap on “Done”.

Yay! You have successfully created your avatar. Now you can share it on your feed or use it as your temporary display picture.


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