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How can I make an avatar on Facebook or where can I access the Facebook avatar creator to make an avatar on Facebook? One of the trending searches in the United State been rolled out by Facebook is based on how to make a Facebook avatar or how to create a Facebook avatar. Apparently, Fb just rolls out the Fb avatar on its mobile app where you can create your own avatars using the features provided. The Fb avatar or Facebook avatar is similar to every other service you create a human-carton like an image.

Currently, everyone is looking for how they can create a Fb avatar using the tools provided in the Facebook avatar creator app. However, the avatar on Fb is more like the version of the Bitmoji avatars which is also similar to the like of Apple’s Memoji avatars. The Fb avatar features the newest added feature to the Fbapp where you can use your creative mind to create a character that actually looks like yourself.


How to Install the Facebook Avatar Creator App

Currently, the Fb avatar is a new feature that’s been released on the Facebook mobile app. Therefore, the feature is limited to a number of countries which includes the United State, New Zealand, and Australia. These are the only countries that have access to the new features of the avatar on Fb. However, it’s accessible on the new version of the Facebook mobile app on android and iPhone. Hence, you can update the old Facebook app to access the new feature added to the new Facebook app.

Without stress, you can simply visit the Google Play Store or the iOS Store app and visit the option My apps and games or Today to update the Facebook app to the new features of the app. For new users under the new Facebook account, you can install the Facebook app on your mobile phone. Currently, we don’t know if you can make a Fb avatar on the desktop. Based on the fact that the FB avatar is roll out for Android and iPhone/ iPad devices.


How Do you Make an Avatar on Fb?

On the contrary, there is no difficulty in making an avatar on Facebook. Apparently, there are lots of people who have been unable to access the avatar feature. However, you can update your Facebook app so as to get the features on your mobile phone.

  • Simply, open the Facebook app on your mobile phone.
  • Then, you can select the menu option and click See More.
  • Afterward, you can select the option Avatars.
  • Click Next and select Get Started to create an avatar.

However, the app will display instructions where you can create your avatar with selection options you need to provide which includes hairstyle, eye color, skin color, and lots more. That’s it! Now you can create your avatar and you can share it with friends as comments, posts, messages, and others.


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