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‘Facebook best dating site’? Is the Facebook platform the best dating platform right now? I mean, Facebook just only recently launched its dating feature. So does this mean that Facebook is already the best dating platform already? If it is, what happened to other dating tools and platforms? Is it that they became obsolete or Facebook dating is just that good? if you would love to know about Facebook dating, its feature, why you should use it, and how to get started on it, then continue reading this article.



Facebook Best Dating Site

Do you remember the time Facebook came up with the announcement about a dating feature? Well if you don’t remember, I still do. When Facebook came up with a dating idea, a lot of users, me included were surprised. Some users on the other hand were not. They had always been of the intention that Facebook would come up with a dating tool or feature and that it will only take time. Well Facebook dating is here already.

Facebook users were all excited about the initial release of this tool to the public consisting of Facebook users. We were all curious as to what Facebook will come up with. Will they come up with something different from what most dating platforms are offering already, or they will just come up with what we are all used to. The hopes were really high. Now fast-forward to the initial release of the Facebook dating app and feature, reviews have been pouring in and to be honest, the reviews aren’t bad. Personally I haven’t made use of this tool as of yet, but of course I can tell you what I know so far from information garnered from Facebook itself.

Although the Facebook dating feature is not yet available to all regions, it’s still causing a lot of buzz on the internet. The app has been made available to regions across the globe already, but it’s still not yet available to all Facebook users. But come to think of it, what has made the people who have tested this app out to think that it’s the best? Curious, right? Well let’s take a look at the features of this dating tool and other advantages of the feature.


Facebook Dating Features

According to information shared by Facebook. We should all be expecting a lot when the Facebook dating feature is finally available to everyone. And now that the tool is available, here are some features to look out for. Facebook is introducing something different from the traditional swiping right and left feature. This feature is a legendary one in the dating world. I mean if you both swipe right it’s a match and until then you can only start a conversation. With Facebook dating, this is different. All you need to do to show interest in a profile is to like the profile or comment directly on a person’s profile.

There is also the secret crush feature. This feature lets you add up to nine Facebook friends and Instagram followers to a list. When you add a person to this list, he or she gets notified about it and when the person adds you back, it’s a match. Both of you will then know that you are already interested in each other and would love to start something romantic. It is a great feature on the Facebook dating tool

Lastly the Facebook dating tool is also a free tool. You don’t have to subscribe to it or pay to get access to extra features with the ap. This is something other popular dating platforms do not have and it’s a huge plus. You only need to be a registered user in the Facebook platform and also you need to be in a region with access to Facebook dating to make use of it.


Facebook Dating Profile

The Facebook dating profile is a separate profile from your Facebook account. This is a profile you will need to create in other for other Facebook dating tool users to find you. Creating a dating profile on Facebook is easy. Once you have a Facebook account, then you are in line with creating a dating profile. Facebook dating exists as a tab on your Facebook account page. To create a dating profile;

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Locate the dating icon or tab at the top of your Facebook account page or at the left-hand column.
  • Click or tap on the icon.

Follow the on-screen instructions from the dating page to set up your profile. Or you can go to Facebook Dating. If Facebook dating is not yet available to your region, you will not find this tab on your Facebook account page. You also will be met with a non-availability message on the dating homepage.

Facebook Account Sign Up

You will need a Facebook account in other to make use of the Facebook dating tool. If you don’t have a Facebook account you will need to sign up for one to make use of it. If you already have a Facebook account, disregard this step. Creating a Facebook account is free and easy. Follow the steps below to create your Facebook account successfully;

  • Go to Facebook Sign Up.
  • Provide your personal information in the spaces provided in the account registration form.
  • Click on create account when you are done filling the form.

Facebook will need to verify your account for authentication purposes. An OTP will be sent to your email or mobile phone number with which you created your account. Enter the OTP in the verification box and that’s it. Your account on the platform is now ready and you can now get access to dating on the platform.


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