Facebook Business Card – How to Create a Business Card | How to Add a Business Card on Facebook

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Facebook Business Card has made a lot of business easy and safe for Facebook users today. I n the 21st-century digital era, social networks like Facebook has replaced much of our paper communications.


Facebook Card has become one of the best social media pages in the history of social media platforms. People using social media platform use it for a different purpose to connect with one another. In this article, we will be talking about Facebook Business Card.

Table of Contents

  • Facebook Business Card.
  • How to Create a Business Card.
  • How to Add a Business Card on Facebook


Facebook Business Card

Today in the world Facebook page allows more than 2 billion people to discover your business. Setting up a business page is simple, free and it looks great on both desktop and mobile. Creating a business page is not difficult to create; having all the photos, text, and ideas you need to build your Facebook Business Page. 2.23 billion people are monthly active users and as small business owners and brand managers, there’s a very good chance you will be able to reach and connect with your target audience through Facebook.

The business care is a hard copy that has a lot of details inside contenting your personal information and your Facebook business information.

How to Create a Business Card

Creating a business card is good for businessmen and women. It helps to promote your business and it is useful in communication. There are different types of ways in creating a business card but I will be showing how to create one with Canva card maker. Below is a way to create a business card:

  • Log on to canva.com
  • Select the Business Card design type.
  • Choose any of the professionally designed layouts you like.
  • Upload your own business photos.
  • Fix your image, add stunning filters and edit text.
  • Click on save and share.


How to Add a Business Card on Facebook

If you want to add your business card to Facebook you can follow these tips below to add your card:

  • You have to create a JPEG or PNG digital image of a business card to post on Facebook.
  • Go to a graphic designer to create a digital business card with graphic design.
  • Log on to Facebook https://www.facebook.com to sign in your business page account.
  • Locate the status area under the cover photo and profile photo and click photo/video.
  • Click on choose file upload your business card.
  • After uploading your business card it will appear on your page.
  • Click the pencil icon in the upper-right corner of the post to access the Edit or Remover Menu.
  • Select Pin to Top from the menu button.
  • Hover on the image and click on the star next to the Edit or Remove menu to highlight your business card.
  • You can only pin an image if you are an Admin for your business Facebook page.
  • Admin can list his business contact information under the about section of the page.
  • Choose the reposition photo from the edit or remove the menu if you like to change the focal point of your business card preview image.
  • Drag the image with your mouse to reposition it.


I hope with this article you will be able to create your Facebook Business card

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