Facebook Canvas Ads – Types of Facebook Ad Formats


Want to make use of the Facebook canvas ads? Speaking of the Facebook canvas ad do you how awesome it is to make use of it? I believe you know that we have lots of formats when it comes to Facebook ads and the canvas ad is one of them. Now all the formats of the Facebook ad are very unique but each of them plays different roles when it comes to the captivation of customers. So all of them are all unique, but today I will be telling you how unique the Facebook canvas ad is. The Facebook canvas ad is very attractive and effective because it captivates the readers mind completely. This will bring to tell you what the canvas ad is.

The canvas ad is a full-screen ad experience built for bringing brands and products to life on mobile according to Facebook terms. Now it allows advertisers to fully deliver interactive and immersive ads that are hosted completely on Facebook, therefore eliminating the need for users to click out of the app to engage with mobile contents. Now the canvas ads at first glance could be mistaken for a regular news feed ad.

When the canvas ad is clicked it opens up to cover the entire mobile screen, with the combinations of videos, photos, GIFs and also call to action button. The ad delivers what some people call a “microsite like experience” that enables people to click, scroll, swipe, and tap to engage with brands right on the Facebook platform. To be quick, I will like you to know that before you can advertise on Facebook you must have a Facebook account.



Facebook Account Creation

I will tell you how you can create an account on Facebook, so you must read and follow the steps below for guidance;

  • Just easily open your internet or opera mini.
  • Then use it to visit the Facebook site, www.facebook.com.
  • After that, once the Facebook site has opened, click the ‘create new account” or “sign up” button.
  • Now just make sure you fill in your names, email or phone number, password, your gender, also your date of birth.
  • When done, hit the sign up button below.
  • Ok, now you will receive confirmation digits through a text sent by Facebook.
  • The text will be sent to either your email address or phone number.
  • Just enter or type in the digits in the confirmation box on the Facebook page.
  • After that click the “continue” button.

You will now be welcomed to the Facebook platform.


The Ad Specs of Canvas Ads

Here are the ad specs on the Facebook platform;

  • Your text must not exceed 90 characters.
  • Your headline must not exceed 45 characters.
  • Also, the description should be 30 characters.
  • The image should be 1,200 x 628, 1.9:1 ratio.
  • Also the video must be .MOV or .MP4, 16:9 or 1:1 ratio.

These are the ad specs of the canvas ad on Facebook.

How to Create Facebook Canvas Ad

Creating Facebook canvas ad is not difficult at all, but for you not to stress yourself read and follows the steps below;

  • Well, you must first login to your Facebook account.
  • After that click or tap on “create” at the top of the page.
  • Then select the ad option.
  • When you have done that, choose or select your objective.
  • Make sure that you select your audience.
  • Also, decide or select where to run your ad.
  • Also then set your budget.
  • Now simply select the canvas image format.
  • Also then make sure the image size and pixels are ok
  • Then make sure the image ratio and text are in order.
  • Make sure your headline is also in order and your link description.
  • Now you can place your order.
  • When you are done measure and manage your ad.

These are the steps for you to follow when you want to create a canvas ad.


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