Facebook Classic – How To Switch Back To Classic Facebook | The New Facebook Design And Features


Do you know of the Facebook classic version? Facebook classic is the old version of Facebook. Facebook as a social media platform is always looking out for ways to make the platform better and just recently the Facebook platform has made changes to their platform. With the new changes on the platform comes a new look Facebook interface making the previous interface classic. Many Facebook users already know about this change on the platform. However, there are some users on the platform who do not know about this change. If you want to know more about the classic Facebook, then you are in the right place.



Facebook Classic


The Facebook interface you have known for quite a long time now is known as the classic Facebook. It became classic when a new Facebook interface was introduced. Immediately the Facebook platform was updated, the interface you knew about became classic. It’s not that it became obsolete or anything. It’s just that you will have to update to the new Facebook platform. And just in case you are not convinced about the changes made to the platform, you can always change back to the old Facebook also known as the classic Facebook.

The New Facebook Design And Features

The news of a newer updated Facebook platform has been announced since last year. The main plan was to introduce the new Facebook before March 2020. Now, as the time of this writing, some Facebook users are already making use of this new Facebook already. This new look Facebook is new due to the changes made to it. There are some features that make it different from the old or classic Facebook.

The new Facebook interface uses a more responsive design than the former interface. This interface is designed in such a way that the contents displayed are based on the screen parameters and width. If the browser width you are using is sufficient, Facebook will display a three-column design. Unlike the curved corners, this new Facebook features rounded corners and it is more colorful.

Another feature of this new Facebook is the text feature. The texts are now larger. This means that you will need to scroll more due to the display of less content on the visible part of your screen. The icon bar at the top of the Facebook main page has also been modified. The new modified icons car on the Facebook page gives users quick access to various sections on the Facebook site and these include the Facebook marketplace, gaming, videos, and others.

One of the features of the new Facebook that users are hyped up about is the dark mode feature. This feature has been keenly anticipated by Facebook users all over the globe and now that it has been released, they can wait to start making use of it. Users who are already making use of the feature can’t get enough.


How To Access The New Facebook

When the update was made on this platform, Facebook users all over the globe were notified of this update. However, some users on the platform were not notified. If you are among the Facebook users that were not notified about this update, you can still get access to the new Facebook interface and platform manually from your Facebook account page. In the next header and paragraph, I will be telling you all you need to know in order to make the switch from the classic Facebook to the new Facebook and in turn the new Facebook to the classic Facebook.

How To Switch From The Classic Facebook To The New Facebook

Making the switch from the old Facebook to the new Facebook is easy. You don’t need anything much to make this switch. As long as you are a registered Facebook user, you can always make the switch from the classic Facebook to the new Facebook any time and from anywhere you are. To do this, follow the steps below;

  • On your device, go to facebook.com.
  • Login to your Facebook account if you are not logged in.
  • On your Facebook account page, click on the drop-down arrow icon.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the make the switch to new Facebook.

This action will automatically change your Facebook to the new Facebook.


How To Switch Back To Classic Facebook

Do you know that most users who tried out the new Facebook are turning back to the old Facebook? Yes, this is true and this may be due to some personal reasons. Well, it is actually not easy to make the switch from something you have been used to, to something new. This will take some time and some getting used to. Just in case you are wondering that switching back to the old Facebook is impossible, you are wrong.

You can actually switch back to the classic Facebook as this option is still available on the Facebook platform. To switch back to the old Facebook,

  • Click on the menu icon at the top right corner of the new Facebook page.
  • You will find an option that says switch to classic Facebook. Click on the option and that’s it.

You have just successfully switched back to the classic Facebook platform or interface.


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