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Facebook has been out for some months now and begins testing Colombia. Now Facebook Dating is in US. The dating feature which is made available to users from ages of 18+ will be a tab within the Facebook app. Using the dating feature is easy and fast. Users who opt into the dating service will have to create sperate dating profiles. In this guide, I will be giving you the details you need to know about Facebook Dating in the US

Facebook Dating in US

Facebook Dating makes it easy for users to find dates through their likes. This feature is here to help users startup meaningful relationships with the things they have in common, such as interests, groups, etc. This is the availability of the feature in the United States for individuals there to use and find love.

This feature is only available within the mobile application of Facebook. The service doesn’t take out your information, only your age, gender, name, and location to help find those near you.


Facebook Dating – How Does it Work

As a US citizen, starting from today you can opt into the dating service of a feature on Facebook. If you are 18 and older with the latest Facebook version, you can opt-in and then create a Dating profile from your Facebook profile. Once you have opt-in to the service, Facebook will suggest matches based on your interests, the things you interact with on the platform and also preferences.

This service is not like Tinder with the swiping motion or waiting for someone to like you. On this service, if you’re interested in someone, you can like or comment on their profile directly. Or pass if you don’t like them. The feature doesn’t match you with the friend you have, but you might be matched with friends of friends or others you don’t know. This feature in the US is secretive, that is to say, all your activities in the service are kept there.

Messages sent within the dating feature stays in their own inbox separate from Facebook Messenger. And also it is strictly texting only for now. In other words, sending of pictures, links or payments are not allowed for some security reasons.

Facebook Dating Features

Here are some key features on the Dating in US;

  • Very soon users will be able to connect and share Instagram and Facebook Stories.
  • The Secret Crush allows users to match with the people they know on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Instagram posts can now be added to your dating profile.
  • There are events or groups for users to find others with similar interests. With this feature, you can find a match easily.
  • Dating service users can feel with sharing details of their date with others. You can actually communicate with someone you truth via Messenger and share location with them.
  • The Dating profile is very simple and fast to set up. With just a tap, you can set up a profile and start dating.


Facebook Dating Availability

In addition to the Dating service availability in the US, it is currently available in over 15 countries. Including, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, etc. The service is promising a rollout in some locations in early 2020.

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