Facebook Dating is Now Launched in US – How to set a Facebook Dating Profile in The US

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Actually it almost a year if not more than since Facebook announced its Dating service. And finally, Facebook Dating is now launched in US. The dating service is not only available in the US, but also in Canada, Chile, Columbia, Guyana, Mexico, etc. So how does Facebook Dating works?

Facebook Dating is Now Launched in US

Facebook Dating is now launched in US, what does that mean? Well, it means Facebook users in the US can now make use of the Dating service provided on the platform. They can use it with specialized profiles, matching making, etc. The service rolled out in other states or countries at first, but currently in the US. It is accessible for users from the ages of 18 and older. Facebook Dating helps users to find potential dates and start up a relationship.

Facebook Dating – How does it Work?

The Facebook Dating is a free optional service that lives within Facebook mobile application only. In other to use the service, you would need to create a separate dating profile from your normal profile. The service doesn’t give out your information; the only ones given out are your names and ages. It presents you with matches based on your likes, location, and other factors. To use Facebook Dating that is now available in the US, you would need a profile on Facebook.

Facebook Dating doesn’t match you with the friends you have on your account. The service lives as an icon on the main app of the Facebook mobile app.


Basics to Know about Facebook Dating in US

When you create or set up your dating profile, you would ask to specify your gender and the ones you wish to see. The dating service in the US includes genders of the female, male, cis woman, trans woman, cis man., trans man, non-binary person, etc. You would also fill in details like your job title, workplace, school, children or none, religion, height, etc.

Matches are presented one at a time for you to choose from. But it doesn’t adopt the swiping left or right motion. For instance, if you wish to start a conversation with someone, all you have to do is like the person’s profile or respond to questions. Facebook Dating in the US has its own messaging inbox separate from the messenger. Chats are strictly texting only. Links, photos and payment slips can’t be sent for security reasons.

Dating Service on Facebook – How to set a Facebook Dating Profile in The US

I know most people are skeptical about Facebook Dating service. But actually it’s a means of finding meaningful relationships with the things you have in common. There is no need to be skeptical, finding a date is personal. And here’s why the service is an opt-in service. That is to say, it is optional. You can block and report anyone you feel is not real or doesn’t want to reach you.

So how do I set up a dating profile in the US? Well, here’s how you can do that;

  • Make the Facebook app on your device is an updated version.
  • The Dating icon will appear in a new tab on the main menu of your page and it’s presented by the “Heart” sign.
  • Tap on to load.
  • Fill in your personal details such as height, religion, job title, and education, single or not. Also if you have children or not.
  • Upload a picture of you.

Note: The platform would suggest your information and photos from your Facebook profile. You can actually edit or remove it when creating the profile.

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