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FACEBOOK DOWNLOAD APP – FACEBOOK APP MESSENGER – The Facebook app is the Facebook platform for mobile devices. Built-in into the Facebook app, therefore with this application you can do everything you can do on the Facebook desktop on the application. So today on this post we will be talking about the Facebook application. reasons to use, how to access, how to download and so much more on this post. So stay tuned and follow me closely as I take you through the journey.


The app can also be called the Facebook mobile application. Which is Facebook for mobile devices, and there are three types of Facebook apps. Which are the Facebook application, Facebook-lite, and the messenger application. All these three apps are like a split up of the main Facebook desktop. or you can say put together these three apps to give you the Facebook desktop version. However, there is no app for the Facebook desktop. Because the Facebook desktop version is the full version on Facebook. But using the mobile app you can do anything and everything that can be done on the Facebook desktop.



Below you will find some of the reasons why it is important for you to use the Facebook app when accessing Facebook.

  • If you are a heavy user of Facebook you will need the application instead of having to log in every time you want to access Facebook simply open the application and you’re there.
  • Using the app you can still get notifications even when you are not on the app itself.
  • It contains more functions than the mobile Facebook page.
  • Also, the app is optimized for business use.
  • Those are some of the few reasons why it is important for you to use the Facebook app instead of its mobile version.


What I mean by Facebook apps is the Facebook mobile app, Facebook-lite, and the Facebook messenger. So we are going to be looking at how to download the three of them. which is pretty much the same step to do. As they are available for mobile devices such as Android and iOS.


How to create a Facebook account

After downloading the application, and you do not have a Facebook account. if you want to create one do the following steps.

  • Kindly open the app
  • Once the app is opened it will see the option to create account click on it
  • And follow the on-screen instructions to create your Facebook account.
  • If followed correctly you will find yourself having a Facebook account in a short time. if not, you have to go back and follow the steps again to make sure you create a Facebook account for yourself.


Before you can sign in you must already have done the Facebook sign up or the Facebook create an account. Signing in means getting access to the account you already created. Follow the below easy and simple steps on how to do so.

  • After downloading the app open it
  • Now fill in your username and your password
  • And now click on login and you are done
  • After carrying out the process above you will be logged into your account. however one does not have to log out of the
  • Facebook mobile application. As it is not necessary to do so.



The Facebook mobile apps make using Facebook fun, easy and exciting. As there are many functions of an app that makes it better than the desktop. Using the application, you can use Facebook wherever you go wherever you want wherever you are. Also, you can use the wonderful messenger app to chat at any time without having to pass through the process of logging in. because with the Facebook applications using your Facebook is just a click away.

Hope this post is helpful? if yes use the comment box below for more inquires.

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