Facebook Easter Egg Hunt 2020 With Social Distancing – Facebook Account Sign Up

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What do you understand by the Facebook Easter egg hunt 2020 with social distancing? Well, there are three things that you need to consider here when you think of deciphering the term or statement. You will need to take Facebook, Easter egg hunt and social distancing into consideration. The most important phrase here is the ‘Easter egg hunt 2020’. This is the link between the others of the topic ‘Facebook Easter egg hunt 2020 with social distancing.



In the wake of the coronavirus, everyone is trying and coming up with various ways for people to continue leading normal lives. Because in this period it is quite difficult to tell what is normal these days. We just take things the way they are and move on with it. The government in partnership with health bodies has been coming up with preventive measures to practice in order to stop the coronavirus from spreading. And one of the preventive measures to practice is social distancing.

It’s Easter, have you noticed? This is the time and period of the year where people are supposed to be celebrating and connecting amongst other things. But due to what’s at stake, it is not advisable social distancing remember. This means that we are to seclude ourselves from crowded areas. If you have played or taken part in an Easter egg hunt event, you should know that this is not possible with the game.

The Easter egg hunt game can be played both indoors and outdoors. But it is more fun and enjoyable when played outdoors. You don’t just play this game outdoor or indoor; you play this game with other persons from your neighborhood, community or town. Most towns and cities across the globe where Easter is practiced organize the Easter egg hunt game every single year in the spirit of Easter. It is more like a normal tradition. This game brings people together and fosters love and unity among children and adults alike.


How To Exercise The Easter Egg Hunt Game With Social Distancing

Now that everyone is told to exercise social distancing, how do you play the Easter egg hunt game? Most cities and towns have been coming up with various ideas on how to play this game, without having to go against the social distancing rule. This game is for the kids generally. As adults, we can easily grasp the need for social distancing and other preventive measures during this period. But for kids, they might find this pretty hard. They won’t understand the reason why they can’t go out and play with their friends or visit their relations.

One of the ways towns and communities all over the globe are keeping up with the spirit of celebration this period is by organizing Easter egg hunts events with social distancing. But how do you practice the Easter egg hunt game with social distancing? People are enjoined to make crafts with eggs and hang or paste them on their windows, door fronts, trees and other places for children to find.

When these kids find these crafts, they are to take pictures with them and upload the photos on their community page on Facebook. This event will commence from Friday 10th through Sunday 12th. Try to make it a date and make the kids happy.


Facebook Account Sign Up

You will need to have a Facebook account and also be a member of your community Facebook page or group in order to participate in this exercise. If you don’t have a Facebook account you will need to sign up for one now. To create a Facebook account, follow the steps below;

  • Go to Facebook.
  • Click on the ‘create an account’ tab just below the login field.
  • Provide your information in the next page and follow the on-screen instructions.

That’s how create your account on Facebook. You can also create an account via the Facebook mobile app. To do this you will need to download the Facebook app from your devices app store. Visit your devices app store and download the app from there. Once you have downloaded and installed the app on your device, launch it and from there you will create your account. You can then ask for your community Facebook page link and join the page.


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