Facebook Fan Page – How to Create Facebook Fan Page


Facebook Fan Page is all about opening a page to enable you to boost your business and not just business; it also helps to create awareness on your freelance enterprise and also to draw attention to your page by connecting you to the people that matter.

Facebook Fan Page is a Facebook world feature with an easy setup process that mostly begins with you picking from a list of templates the kind of page you are thinking of creating. You also have the opportunity to see the choice of templates ranging from Local Business, Brands, Artist, movies and many more.


Facebook Fan Page


This current day’s Facebook is becoming the highest-ranking and leading social media that goes far beyond not just connecting billions of people all around the globe to giving them more interest and leaving them to want for more, and also providing virtual offices for free.

Facebook Fan Page has been enabled especially for users to not just boost their business or advertise their collections. It also helps to bring more ideas to the community and helps you to meet people who share almost the same idea with you with that you can make a better idea from it.

How to Create Facebook Fan Page

Having thought about setting up your Facebook Fan Page on your Facebook account? Or are you having problems trying to set it up, well it’s all over because just below we are going to do a little step by step procedure for you. Once you are done going through the steps am very sure setting up your own page would be as easy as pie.

  • Access the internet and go to facebook.com.
  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Tap on the “create” link at the top of your screen.
  • Also, then select “page”.
  • To be specific, you must select a page category you would like.
  • After the selection, you will now fill in the name of your page.
  • Also, you will fill in your address.
  • Make sure you put the URL of your website.
  • Then add photos to your page.
  • Add a description of the page and make sure it is short.
  • Your username must be created, then all the necessary details.
  • After all that you can now click on the “create page” link.

Now you can begin with your business or you can broadcast your artworks or anything for your page so your friends and not just your friend’s others too can view your page.


What can you do with Facebook Fan Page?

Thinking of what you can do with the page you just created. Well, I can list some few ideas to you, no need to be nervous or panic just take few seconds of your time to scrabble through the steps.

  • First, sit down and think how do I want my page to be? What should be my content? What do I want my viewers to see when they view my page
  • Then after having a 2 minutes thoughts
  • Go back to your page
  • First, you fill in a suitable picture
  • Think about what to write
  • Thought of something to write about, well what are you waiting for?
  • Drop it for your viewers to see
  • You can also boost your page too
  • You can create a url for your page as well

How to Like or Follow any Facebook Fan Page

Do you know you can also follow another fan page on Facebook and you can also like the pages as well?

  • Open up your Facebook account with your Facebook application or any browser of your choice.
  • Go to the search bar on your home page.
  • Type in pages and click on search.
  • The page that pops out is a list of pages displayed on your screen.
  • You can like any of your preferred choices.

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