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Facebook game messenger is a new update added to the Facebook messenger platform for game lovers to catch their fun online. In case you are just hearing about the Facebook Game messenger, don’t worry I will tell you so much more about it on this article. With this feature, you can confidently play instant games whenever you log into your Facebook account. Moreover, the Facebook game messenger is also known as the Facebook instant games.

You can freely play the game through your Android, or iOS devices, as far as you have the Facebook instant messenger app installed on your device. Also, you can also play instant games on Facebook from your PC, laptop and Tablet. As one of the major purpose of Facebook creating this feature is to help game lovers kill boredom, be assured you’ll always get to play new and exciting games whenever you visit the Facebook game messenger.


Play Facebook Games on Messenger

This is for the benefit of those that are just hearing about the Facebook feature or those that have heard before but has probably never made use of it. As I earlier promised you that I’ll give you the full details about it. However, you should have a Facebook account to start off.

To play games on Facebook Games Messenger follow the steps below:

  • Install the Facebook Instant Messenger latest version app on your device if you don’t have it already.
  • Access the Facebook messenger app and click on “Discover” tab to access the menu.
  • Then you click on “Games”. You’ll find it from the discover tab.
  • Here is where you’ll see a good list of all the Facebook game to choose from.
  • After you’ll seen your choice of game, click the “Play” button to play instant games on Facebook.

Now you can enjoy instant games on Facebook messenger to keep yourself entertained. And be sure you’ll get any kind of game you want to.


Open Facebook Account New

Without a Facebook account, there is no way you can have access to the Facebook Instant games. So I will like to also teach you on how to open a Facebook account very fast so you can start enjoying free games:

  • Through your web browser, log on to www.facebook.com if you are not already logged on.
  • Then click on the sign up button on the screen below to register on Facebook.
  • It will lead you to the page where you need to enter all the required information about yourself such as your mobile number or email, name and any other required details.
  • The sign up link at the bottom of the page is just what you need to click on after this to lead you to your new Facebook account homepage.

Now, you have all it takes to start enjoying instant games on Facebook.

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