Facebook Gaming – How Facebook Gaming Works | How To Go Live On Facebook Gaming Hub

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What is Facebook gaming? Have you heard of this? Does this mean that you can now play games on Facebook? I know a host of questions might be running through your head right now, that is, if you don’t know about the platform. If on the other hand, you know about this platform on Facebook, then you should know what I am talking about here and hopefully the rest of the article. But for information purposes, I will advise you to continue reading even though you know of the Facebook gaming platform. However, if you haven’t heard of this platform or how it works, then this article is a must-read for you.



Facebook Gaming

There are some Facebook users who know that they can now play games on the platform. However, there are those on the other hand who do not know about this. It is quite surprising though if you ask me. Facebook gaming or being able to play games on the Facebook platform is a feature that has been around for quite some time now. With this feature on Facebook, users can play their favorite android and iOS games.

Something you should also know about games on the Facebook platform is that Facebook is always looking for a way to improve each and every aspect of their platform, the gaming aspect included. You can now not only play games on this platform but you can now play games and also share your gaming experience with other gamers and users on the Facebook platform. Cool, right? This feature will work in a similar fashion as twitch.

How Facebook Gaming Works

Normally users on Facebook could only play games and sometimes invite their friends to play with on the platform. But with this new platform or hub, you can now do more. By more, I mean that you can stream games live as you play. You can also follow games and streamers or players. Another feature of this gaming hub is that you can earn money while you play games, doing what you love.

How To Access The Facebook Gaming Hub

As a Facebook user, you can easily access this gaming hub on Facebook. But if you don’t have a Facebook account or you are not a registered user on the platform, then you cannot access this platform on Facebook. You can create your own Facebook account now if you choose to. Creating a Facebook account is free and easy. To create a Facebook account, go to Facebook Sign Up. Now that you have a Facebook account you can now access the feature via your Facebook account page. If you already have an account on the platform, you should disregard this step. To access this platform on Facebook;

  • Login to your Facebook account on Facebook.
  • At the top of your account page, you will see the Facebook gaming icon. Click on this icon. If you are using classic Facebook, you can locate this tab at the left-hand column of your account page.

When you click on this tab, you will be taken to the Facebook gaming platform. Or you can visit the gaming hub on Facebook via this link Here or FBgg.


How The Facebook Gaming Hub Look Like

On this hub, there are navigation bars and tabs to make the platform easy for you. There is a place to go when you want to follow game streams or gamers. There is also a section where all the games you have uploaded on the platform are placed. Some of the categories or sections on this page are

  • Home
  • Browse all games.
  • Live esports leagues.
  • Following and,
  • Your games.

On the Home tab or page of this hub, you will see a featured live stream at the top of the page. This is followed by other curated streams and streams by games all categorized. Below this category is a category with which you can find streamers to follow individually. Other categories on this page include recent live streams, streams you have followed and so much more.

Under the browse all games category you will find more games to follow. The live esports leagues show you all streams for esports leagues. The following section, on the other hand, shows you all the streamers you have followed and lastly, the games section shows you all the games you have added.

How to Follow A Streamer Or A Game On Facebook Gaming

To follow a streamer;

  • Go to the streamers category on the gaming page.
  • Locate the streamer you like and would love to follow.
  • Click on the follow tab next to the streamer.

To Follow Streams For A Game;

  • Go to the games category.
  • Find the game you like and click on the add to the games button.

This will add the game to your games section in the left-hand corner.


How To Go Live On Facebook Gaming Hub

To go live on the Facebook gaming hub;

  • Go to Facebook Gaming.
  • Tap on the go live button from the navigation bar.
  • Select where you want to put your post.
  • Preview your post with an encoder or a stream key.
  • Provide the information in your software’s settings.
  • Under the post tab, select who you want to share your post with on Facebook.
  • Enter a bio about the live video, and then add titles and tags.
  • Under the settings tab choose whether it’s a live video, game stream or 360 video.
  • Lastly, select go live. You will find this tab at the bottom right corner.

That’s how you go live on Facebook gaming.

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