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Facebook Hackathon is an event that is carried out every couple of months. They believe that when innovators come together with both passion and purpose, great things can happen. The Facebook hackathon is an online challenge for global developers to continue learning. Every couple of months, hundreds of engineers on Facebook unleash their talents is an epic all-night coding session. Their aim is to end up with products that hit both the internal and external versions of the Facebook app in just a few weeks. The first official Facebook hackathon took place in 2007. Facebook hackathon is one of the most exciting opportunities that people have to make a major impact in just a short period of time.


Facebook Hackathon

The Facebook hackathon is a chance for engineers and anyone else in the company to transform an idea into a working prototype and get other people excited about its potentials. It is actually a chance for people to make their own ideas a working thing on the Facebook platform. It is more like a project of your own making that you have to finish in weeks. Facebook hackathons consist of a culture of builders and it is a time to take any idea either big, small, sane, or crazy and turn it into something real to react to. Instead of people worrying if their project would scale for more than nine hundred million people, people are more able to focus on getting the basic project up and running so a broader team can quickly iterate to make it better.

Purpose of Facebook Hackathon


Mark Zuckerberg which is the owner and CEO of Facebook believes that Hackathons unleash the creativity of their organization. The Facebook hackathons held on Facebook usually run from anywhere within a day t a few days. During this event, Facebook employees from different locations and teams come together to build something they really want and believe would make the experience of Facebook users better and enjoyable. The only rule on Facebook hackathon s that you can’t work on something that is related to your daily job.


How Facebook Hackathon Ideas are Selected

Towards the end of the hackathon event, all the teams on the event have the opportunity to present their ideas for their peers to vote on which idea is the best. After their peer’s vote, the team with the best idea has the opportunity t present their idea to the Facebook executive team which includes Mark Zuckerberg himself. There is also a list of other people that would be on the Facebook executive team. Without anything being approved by the Facebook executive team, it is impossible for it to go live on Facebook.

Facebook Hackathon Perspective

From a company’s perspective, Facebook hackathon allows Facebook to explore new ideas that are not even on their product development roadmap. Facebook Hackathon allows cross-pollination of team members who wouldn’t even interact on a daily basis. The hackathon also allows employees to access and utilize the huge infrastructure and resources that are within the organization to build something. Some of the products from Facebook hackathons include Facebook Chat, Safety check, and Facebook groups.


Facebook Hackathon Prototype Forum

Facebook hackathon keeps the momentum going by holding a prototype forum whereby everyone who built a project can present it for the company to see. The prototype forum usually happens one week after the hackathon. This time gap gives developers a chance to fine tune their project and prepares them for live demonstrations. Everybody gets the same time on the prototype forum which is two minutes to convince their peers that the idea should launch. Just because your idea or project doesn’t become a huge product, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a huge impact on the platform. It is all decided by your peers and the Facebook executive board.

The Impact of Facebook Hackathon

Facebook hackathons are so valuable because it is a time where Facebook employees are able to think past the next day or week and just build something without any constraints. Using this time to think differently usually pays off with brainstorming ideas and good things that later gets shipped. Even as the Facebook platform grows, Facebook hackathon plays a massive role. More than fifty percent of the hackathons held in December last year, February and March this year has been shipped either internally or to Facebook users.

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