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Do you know that Facebook has always been about relationships? Yes this is true. The Facebook platform is one that can be used for so many things. But one can agree with me that the core feature or function on the platform is relationships and connectivity. This is so true. The Facebook platform is one that is designed to meet up or make people connect with family and friends. You can also use this platform to connect with business. The Facebook platform in general, one can say is one that is used to foster relationships.



Facebook Has Always Been About Relationships

In this article I won’t be telling you of the various relationships on the platform, rather I will be focusing on one of the relationship features on the platform. When Facebook dating was initiated, many people were of the thought that the platform has always been about relationships. Well, they are not wrong. Personally I have met and hooked up with people I have met on the Facebook platform. And Facebook, being a relationship platform isn’t new to me anymore. It’s just that with this dating feature, it’s kind of different. Do you know how this is different?

Facebook has always been a dating and relationships platform, but with the Facebook dating feature, it is all different. Users all over the world might have had and found romantic relationships on the platform, but one thing that has not been about dating on the platform is that dating on Facebook has never been official. Even with the dating groups and pages on the platform, dating has never been official. But with the Facebook dating feature, dating is now official just like most platforms you know about.

The Facebook Dating Feature

The Facebook dating feature or app as many people call it is the official dating tool on Facebook. This tool is an in-app feature on Facebook. This means that you can access this feature via your Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you cannot make use of the Facebook dating feature. This dating tool on Facebook works like every other dating app. But it is different in some aspects.

This tool on Facebook is different and this is what other dating apps cannot boast about. The traditional swiping left and right have also been removed from this app. You don’t have to swipe to start a conversation on this app. All you need to do is to like or comment on a profile directly.

Just like the Facebook platform, Facebook will give your dating suggestions on the platform due to your interest and what you have in common with other users. You also cannot match with your friends on this platform. You can only match with friends of your friends. But however, you can still match with your friends if you choose. To do this, you will need to make use of the secret crush feature.

The secret crush feature lets you add up to nine Instagram followers and Facebook friends to your list. If a person, in turn, adds you to their list, you become matched. If the person is not a user of the Facebook dating feature, he or she will not be notified about this. You can also use location features just tin case you are going out on a date with a person you met on this platform by sharing your location with your friends and family.


Facebook Dating Profile

To make use of this feature, you will need to set up a dating profile. With the dating profile you will see other potential users and dates. To set up a dating profile you will need to have a Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you will need to create one. To set up a dating profile;

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • On the left corner of your Facebook account page, locate the Facebook dating tab and icon.
  • Click on this tab and follow the on-screen instructions.

That all on creating a dating profile on Facebook.

Facebook Account Sign Up

You will need to have a Facebook account to make use of the Facebook dating profile. If you don’t have a Facebook account, create one now. To do this;

  • Go to Facebook Sign up.
  • Enter your personal information on the account registration page correctly.
  • Click on create account.

Your account will need to be verified by your mobile phone number or your email address.


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