Facebook Introduce a Top Fan Badge into Pages – How to Turn on Top Fan Badge on Facebook

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Today you will be learning from this article that says, Facebook Introduce a Top Fan Badge into Pages. Facebook has rolled out a new feature on Facebook pages. It is one of the top features that exist within this social media site. However, you should know that this fan badge on a page looks so interesting.

Facebook users who have pages are now able to award a top fan badge to followers who interact more on their pages. So, if you want to be a top fan and get a badge for yourself, then you have to interact on the page’s post by your likes, comments, posts, and shares.


Facebook Introduce a Top Fan Badge into Pages

Talking about Facebook Introduce a Top Fan Badge into Pages. This feature is made and brought to you by the Facebook site. These badges actually appear on your page if you have a Facebook page. However, it is not yet available to everyone. Following this article, you can check if it is available on your page within Facebook.

Now, you may begin to ask what exactly you can use this badge for. Let’s check them out.

  • You are able to identify your page fans and this is important for you
  • Encourage and influence more interactions and engagements on your page
  • Reward your fans every week

You can engage in all these using these amazing features on your Facebook page.


How to Turn on Top Fan Badge on Facebook

If you have got a page, then you should certainly stay on this article tagged as Facebook Introduce a Top Fan Badge into Pages. It is one good way to enhance your Facebook page. So, with this, you should know how to turn it on. But how can you do this? I will also state that to you. Before that, you should know that it is not available on every page. But, if available in yours, you can turn it on right away.

  • Go to your Facebook account and access your page
  • Click on “Settings”. You will find this at the top of your page
  • On the left column, tap on Facebook Badges. Turn it On or Off. Whichever you want.

That’s how it works. If you did not find it, then it is not available for your page yet.


How to Get Facebook Top Fan Badge

I know right now; you may begin to wonder how you can get this amazing feature for your page. Well, there may be some eligibility requirements before your page can use this feature. Let’s see what they are.

  • Your page has to attract about 10,000 followers
  • Do not use any civic engagement badge
  • You have to switch to video template for your page
  • The page has to be at 28 days old

These are the requirements that you need. You should also take note that this badge is available to pages and not personal profiles.


How Do You Get A Top Fan Badge on Facebook

Well, there are many ways for you to become a top fan on the pages of other people. However, it has to do with the type of page you want to be a top fan for. Some pages require some kind of engagements from you before they can grant you the chance of being a top fan. But, if you do not know what they require, then you can message them in order to get more details.


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