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Download & Install Facebook Lite – Facebook lite is simply the lighter version of Facebook that consumes lesser data, space, and its fit for low internet connection and low spec phones. If peradventure, you find yourself living in an environment with poor internet connection, the best social media network to use is the Facebook Lite. That is why you need to download & install Facebook lite on your mobile device. I bet you, it will be very helpful on the long run when you download & Install Facebook lite.

With this app on your phone, be assured you are covered whenever you have issues like slow networks and high rate of data consumption. This assurance is due to the fact that the app is completely reliable as it was built with good innovative standard. Additionally, the app is very fast. If you want to download & install Facebook lite, be assured that you will not use up to 1MB. Whatever you do on the normal Facebook is what you can still do with the Facebook lite. That is why even if you have the normal Facebook app, its still advisable to download and install Facebook lite.

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How to Download and Install Facebook Lite

The aim of Facebook creating the Facebook lite is to make things very fast and easy for its users. This is especially when you are posting; you’ll notice how fast it is to update, send and receive messages. Hence the name ‘Lite’.


Now to download this app, follow these steps below:

  • Go to your Google play store on your device, then search for Facebook lite on the search bar of Google play store before proceeding.
  • After you have search for the app, then click on the apps installation page.
  • You can then finally click on the install icon.

I will like to bring it to your knowledge that this app doesn’t take much time to install. Moreover, after downloading it, you will just have to wait for some few seconds to get it installed on your mobile device.

Also, you will get a notification on your mobile device “successfully install”. Whether you are using a 2G network or a low quality phone, Facebook lite is your go-to. You will be able to use it to chat with friends, check people’s profile or notifications, and also visit the homepage. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up now and start downloading Facebook Lite to enjoy all its nice features created just for you.

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