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In the year 2016, Facebook launched the Facebook Live Create feature. Lots of people have been broadcasting right from their Facebook apps. And if you are a regular Facebook user, then you must know about this feature. Perhaps, you have seen this feature right on your Facebook account, but you just never knew what it was all about.


This video streaming service allows just anyone to broadcast right from the Facebook apps on their devices. Since the launch of this service, the streaming service has expanded in popularity. A large population of people out there currently broadcast live videos. Not just that! There are also people who watch and engage with these live broadcasts.


Facebook Live Create

There is absolutely no doubt that the Live feature is popular. Videos tend to have so much engagement from people. And millions of Facebook users do stream videos right within the site.

The Facebook Live Create feature is one on this social network that makes use of the camera on your mobile phone or computer device. What does it do? It helps you broadcast real videos to other Facebook users. When broadcasting, you also get to decide who gets to see this video.

Now you may begin to wonder about the need to engage in the Facebook Live Create, right? This feature is usually used to engage with your friends, audience, customers, and other categories of people.

Facebook Live How to Use

This feature has really been of great help to so many people out there. Perhaps, you may want to do a personal and fun broadcast. You may also want to create a live broadcast for business purposes. Whatever your reason may be, as long as you want to engage with your audience, using the Live feature is just a good option.

One amazing fact is that most marketers and people are really happy about the launch of this feature. It is a really helpful and fun way to communicate their brand and personal stories. They also get to build real-time relationships with their followers and fans!

Right in this post, we will be showing you how to go live and engage in a real-time live activity with other friends on Facebook.


Facebook Live Viewers

Is it possible for you to see who viewed and watched your Live video? When you are Live, you get to see the number of people watching your video. But, after the live stream is over, you still never get notified of the particular users who watched. At the bottom of the video, you get to see the number of views and comments. You only get to know the number of viewers and not their names.

How to Go Live on Facebook

This Live feature started up as a mobile-only feature, however, Facebook pages are now able to broadcast from mobile phones and computers. Let’s check out the steps to help you go Live on this social media platform.

  • Open the Facebook app and log into your account.
  • Tap on the Camera icon, which is one left side of your search bar.
  • Give Facebook permission to access your microphone and camera.
  • Switch to the “Live” feature, which is at the bottom of the camera screen.
  • Chose your posting and privacy settings.
  • Type in the description of your Live broadcast.
  • Tag friends, enter your location and add an activity if needed.
  • Set your camera’s orientation.
  • Add writings or filters to the video if you want to.
  • Hit on the “Start Live Video” button!
  • Interact and engage with your viewers and commenters.
  • To end the broadcast, tap on “Finish”.
  • Post a reply and save the video to your camera roll.

That’s how it works!


Facebook Live Streaming App

If you’re wondering how you can stream, view, and watch the live videos of others, you do not have to worry. The streaming app is the main Facebook app on your smartphone. So, if you are a member of this social platform right on your device, you are just good to go.

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