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Do you know what facebook log in is? This isn’t hard. Facebook log in is a feature of Facebook. This feature is the feature that is used to access the Facebook platform. This simply means that without this facebook feature Facebook users cannot gain access to Facebook and all of its features.

Importance of the Facebook Login Feature

The importance of this feature is pretty basic. It’s just like the only key to a lock. Without that key you know you will be locked out of a place. That’s what the facebook log in feature is to Facebook. Facebook log in is the key while Facebook is the place locked. If you don’t log in to facebook you do not get to enjoy what other users are enjoying. And you know Facebook has lots of cool and interesting features. So therefore for you to access these features you need to login to your facebook account.


Features To Enjoy With the Facebook Login Function

Like I said earlier, without the facebook login feature you get to miss out on all the fun features on facebook. Now what are those features? Well that’s what we will take a look at below.

  1. You get to see the posts of your friends on your facebook timeline. You also get to post anything on your facebook wall like status update and so much more.
  2. You also can like or comment on friends posts.
  3. Chatting with friends and family is sure and more entertaining.
  4. Making of audio and video calls on facebook.

Other features to enjoy is getting to meet like-minded people on facebook group and pages.


How to Use this Feature

This is very easy. But before you can log in to your facebook account to access all of facebook via this feature, you need to first create a facebook account if you do not have one. To create a facebook account, go to www.facebook.com/signup. Once on this page all you have to do is to complete the whole sign up process and then your facebook account will be ready.

To log in to your Facebook account, follow the steps below;

  1. go to www.facebook.com on your device
  2. Fill in your email or phone number and your password on the appropriate fields and click on log in.

Immediately you will be logged in to your facebook account. That’s all you need to log in to your facebook account and access all of facebook features and functions.

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