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Potential customers are in search of businesses like yours. With this, you should take advantage of the Facebook Marketing 2020 strategy. If you are a regular user of Facebook who knows that there are billions of people on the site, then what are waiting for? We certainly do not have to tell you that making use of marketing on this social is compulsory for every business in 2020. You just have to master the art of marketing within this platform.


You have the idea that Facebook has got a huge audience. About 3 billion people use it every month, which includes you! But you just never knew that people use this social platform to also reach and interact with businesses of different kinds. So many users on Facebook visit different business pages, in order to get hold of their services. Do not waste more time, as you are losing customers already!



Facebook Marketing 2020

Real-time customers are in need of your business and its services. And so many of these customers are on Facebook! A focused and clear strategy for Facebook Marketing 2020 is just what you need to get in front of your audience. As Facebook says, your business page is the cornerstone of your online presence and identity.

In order for you to start marketing your business within this social app, there are things that you need to put in place. It definitely would not cost you a dime to set up your Facebook page. Once you have gotten this page, you can make use of it to promote your business, website, and even communicate with your customers. One amazing thing is that you can do this all for free.

All these make your business page on Facebook, a very valuable tool for any marketer and business owner. So, if you have also heard that paid marketing strategies and advertising are effective, then you just need this free business page to get there.


Facebook Marketing Page

Your Facebook marketing page simply refers to the business page on this social platform. As long as you’ve got the Facebook app with an active account in it, you are just good to go!

Setting up your business page for Facebook Marketing 2020 is just absolutely easy. However, this does not mean that marketing your brand is just so easy. More effort is also needed, in order for you to go forward. With this, let’s check out the steps to help you get your business page right away.

  • Head over to the Facebook app on your phone. You can also log in on facebook.com.
  • For the app, click on the three horizontal lines at the top-right side of the news feed. From the options, select “Pages”.
  • On the web version, tap on “Create”, which is at the top of the screen. From the drop-down menu, choose “Page”.
  • Select the page type.
  • Give the page a name, contact details, address, and other business details.
  • From here, you also need profile and cover photos for the business page.
  • Once you are done, you will find the “Create Page” button.

After creating the page, you can move further to “Edit Page Info”, where you get to add more details to make your page more professional.


Type of Facebook Posts

Now that you have gotten your business page on Facebook, you definitely need to think of the contents to post on this page. This part of our article will be showing you the several different types of posts to help you engage with your followers.

  • Facebook text post (status updates)
  • Photos updates
  • Facebook video post
  • Facebook Live
  • Links
  • Poll posts
  • Facebook stories
  • Pinned post

Using these types of posts for Facebook Marketing 2020 is just what you need! Let’s quickly move on to the next part of this article that teaches you more about how marketing on this social app works.


Facebook Marketing Strategy

You now understand the kinds of posts you should use to promote your business and its services. Let’s take a look at some marketing ideas to help you build a strong strategy for this powerful social platform.

  • Set your marketing goals and objectives based on what you want for your business.
  • Define the type of audience to promote and advertise your business.
  • Make it easy for people to find your page.
  • Consider using other marketing tools such as Facebook Ads Manager and Boosting of posts for advertising your products. (Facebook Ads).
  • You can also share your page, its products, and services to Facebook groups.
  • Keep track of your post-performance. From the list of Facebook posts above, know the type of posts your audience prefer to see, the reach and engagement of the post.

All these will definitely help you and your business get right on track.

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