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Facebook Marketplace Boise

Facebook Marketplace Categories

Categories is one of the outstanding features you see in the marketplace whether you are selling or buying. listing are organized by categories such as, Entertainment, Housing, Vehicles, Hobbies, Clothing and Accessories, Classifieds, Electronics, Home & Garden, Family, Deals.

Sectioning items in various categories makes it very easy for buyers to find what they are looking for and sellers to be able to classify their products by adding them to the appropriate category.


How To Get Facebook Marketplace Boise

All Facebook users in Boise gets to access the market location with their supportive devices. Because this Marketplace is available in Boise Idaho . So with this service you can either buy or sell products digitally.

Get to Facebook selling and buying place

Before you are able to use this service, you must first of all have a Compatible device such as Android, computer, or iOS device, then download the Fb app on your device. After downloading, launch the app and go-ahead to create a Facebook account.

How To Get to Marketplace Boise with Android device

Once you have an android device with Fb account you can surely buy or sell on Marketplace online

  • Click on the “Facebook” app on your Android phone
  • Scroll to the top of the page and select the “Shop” icon
  • Go to marketplace page, Navigate and select from the “buy /sell” options.
  • Buyers, Search for the item you like to buy, when you find it  contact the seller to bargain
  • Sellers, you are to bring your products online with its details attached, then post


For iOS device

  • Launch the Fb app on your device
  • Scroll upward and then Press on the three horizontal lines” representing menu
  • It takes you direct to market place
  • If you want to buy products, select “buy” and then “sell” If you want to sell your goods.
  • Sellers are to type in their products information and then post
  • To buy items, find the item and contact the seller

via Computer

  • Go to www.facebook.com
  • Proceed to the news feed corner and select “Marketplace” widget
  • Choose from Buy or sell options to select your transaction type
  • Give the details of your product, if you are selling
  • Buyers are to search for the item of their choice and contact the person selling it.

Facebook Marketplace Rules

For you to get more ideas on the kinds of products prohibited or allowed on Marketplace, read the rules below.

  • Avoid selling items like, Adult services, Animals, Event tickets, health care products, Tobacco, Alcohol, Unsafe supplements, illegal drugs prescription, weapons
  • Prospective sellers are to sell the physical item. Examples of nonphysical products are, lost & found post, news, “in search of” post and jokes
  • the title and description of the product or item must tarry with the image you uploaded
  • before and after photos of the item for sell are not allowed. For instance uploading picture displaying weight loss.


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