Facebook Marketplace | Marketplace Buy Sell – Marketplace FB Buy Sell in 2020

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Facebook Marketplace | Marketplace Buy and Sell – Marketplace Facebook Buy Sell – The Facebook team is here again with another feature, Facebook Marketplace | Marketplace Buy and Sell – Marketplace Facebook Buy Sell. This feature allows people to search for, negotiate and buy items online with ease from the comfort of their homes.

Kindly relax and read on as we discuss the Features of the Facebook Marketplace app and how to buy and sell on this amazing platform.


How to Locate Marketplace Facebook

As stated earlier, Facebook marketplace enables buyers and sellers to transact easily, before we move to the step by step guide to buy and sell on this platform, we will discuss the features:

  • The Facebook marketplace is a location-based platform
  • Sellers are required to detail the items they sell so people around them can easily locate it.
  • Items posted on the Facebook marketplace app is visible to nearby users
  • The rest of the transactions occur between the two parties outside the Facebook marketplace app.

Follow these steps to locate the Facebook marketplace app:

  1. Login to your Facebook Account, navigate to Facebook marketplace using your FB App.
  2. Click on the Shop front-like Icon located on your News-feed

How to Buy in the Marketplace

Follow these steps to buy on the marketplace app:
• Get in the Facebook Marketplace
• Choose the item you desire to purchase
• Click “MESSAGE”
• Send the seller a message for purchase

How about if I want to Sell?

  • Locate and click on “Sell Something” button
  • Click “Item for Sale”.
  • Then simply fill in the details of the item in the category.

These are the steps to sell on the Facebook marketplace App.


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