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Facebook Marketplace Store – Facebook Marketplace Categories – Facebook Marketplace Services – Using FB Marketplace is a great advantage in the global market today. It is contributing immensely in the sense that people can set up their market profile for free and sell just anything. Facebook is the first service provider allowing users to sell for free. Buyers close to you can see your items and contact you to show their interest.

The best way you can describe this service is by calling it a global gallery of items. That is, its categories cover every kind of item you may want to purchase. One important thing you should note is, when trying to make a sale, you should go through the policies laid down to make sure you don’t go against their rules.


Facebook Marketplace Store | Facebook Marketplace Services


This store is visible to every FB user whether new or old. You must have come across a shop front icon on your timeline. That’s the Marketplace which offers basically two services which are:

  1. Buying and
  2. Selling

Just like any other market. What makes this service unique is its flexibility. Its settings are designed in such a way that only users in the same sphere of contact can transact. This is down to ensure that every transaction is successful (buyers and sellers can meet each other without any stress). It can also, help them do business even more.


Facebook Marketplace Services | Facebook Marketplace Categories

Items in Marketplace are arranged in categories to help buyers easily get the item they want. Below is a list of the item categories you can find in Marketplace:

  1. Home and Garden
  2. Family
  3. Deals
  4. Clothing and Accessories
  5. Electronics
  6. Classifieds
  7. Entertainment
  8. Vehicles
  9. Housing

Although, you can also sell to people far from you but every order must be completed in 7 days and requires shipping to be done in 3 days. As FB continues updating, you get more categories.



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